16 Simple Ideas For DIY Thanks Decoration That Will Impress Your Guest

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Usually, the gratitude is said when someone gives you something or helps. However, we still find many people today who have been assisted sometimes go straight away without saying thank you, maybe they don’t know how to say thank you correctly that’s how, or maybe they are embarrassed to say it .. yeah who knows.

Well, this time we will share some creative ideas for DIY thanks decoration, of course, that people who might be embarrassed and confused to express their gratitude can try it. Here are 16 simple and creative ideas for DIY thanks decoration. Let’s check it out!!!!!!

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1. A Useful Souvenir Of Succulent Plants

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

First, the idea for DIY thanks decoration is giving a unique and memorable souvenir. For example, is made from succulent plants are small and cute. How to make it is also really easy.

The trick, make the paper into a square and put the pot in the middle. Then make a package pattern, then tied with a rattan rope to make it look unique. So after that, don’t forget to put in a thank you card outside.

2. Unique Notebooks

Image by pinterest.com

Do you want to make a unique greeting card that looks beautiful in the eyes? You can Do It Yourself (DIY) a thanks decoration to attract the hearts of those who receive it by giving this cute and cute notebook.

The way to make it is, prepare HVS paper. Then cut the paper into 6 pieces. Then fold up and cut the middle of the paper in two rectangles. Then stretch and unite the two corners of the paper. So, the notebook. To make it more interesting, you can decorate the cover of the notebook with your own hand lettering. Easy right how to make it?

3. Make A Hand Lettering On HVS Paper

Image by pinterest.com

Now, this is one of the DIY thanks decoration that is very easy to make it, namely by writing hand lettering. The materials you need include HVS paper, markers and photo frames.

The method is easy, first prepare the HVS paper, then you just write what sentence you want to convey. After that, decorate it with watercolors or other coloring and can also be framed to look better at the time of giving this greeting. May be useful.

4. Funny Jars Decorate The Corner Of The Room

Image by pinterest.com

Another unique DIY thanks decoration that you can use is a jar, of course with its contents. But this time the jar that was made into decoration did not contain food but contained flat rocks, pearl-shaped beads, and colored sand.

If we look at the ingredients, the contents of this jar will appear to be an arrangement with particles of different contents. To make it easy, first, prepare a small jar with a unique shape, then put the filling ingredients into the inside of the jar. Here you can fill it by stacking each material, or randomly. Finally, you can add a small ribbon with a note in the form of a thank you.

5. Handmade Candles From Soybeans

Image by pinterest.com

It might sound a little strange when you know there is a candle from soybeans, but if you feel surprised you must immediately try and prove this DIY. This soy wax is an environmentally friendly candle.

To make it very easy. You only need to prepare soybeans that have been heated until completely melted. Then, you can give a mixture of other colors or fragrances. Next. Put it into a small cup and place the wick on it. Add stickers on the cup to make it look more beautiful, and voila!.

6. Souvenirs From Coffee Beans Or Powder

Image by pinterest.com

Next is a gift for you the coffee lover, or for you the coffee entrepreneur. This gift will be a very unique thank you gift. The trick, you only need to provide a jar or a small jar, then put the coffee beans or coffee powder into it. Give a little sweetener in the form of rattan string on the lid of the jar and your greeting and name stickers on the tube, funny right?

7. Sweet Chocolate As The Best Gift!

Image by pinterest.com

Who does not like chocolate, it seems almost nothing huh? Well, because of that, there’s no point if you make this chocolate as a form of thanks. If you want to make it in large quantities, you can make it yourself from chocolate bars.

The trick is to melt first the chocolate bar, then put it into a unique and funny mold, you can also combine the chocolate color or topping it according to taste. Put it in a box or small plastic bag, then decorate it with ribbons.

8. Beautiful Colorful Pouches

Image by pinterest.com

Instead of buying it, you can also make funny pouches as a DIY thanks decoration. This pouch will certainly be very useful for the recipient because it can be used as a makeup container or something else.

How to make this pouch is to prepare any fabric according to your taste, then 2 shapes into a rectangle. The two long sections are joined and zipped sewn. After the two are together, sew the two edges and the bottom. When you have finished you can add beads on the front or thank you to make it more beautiful.

9. A Small Lollipop-Shaped Towel

Image by pinterest.com

Then you can give thanks by giving a small towel so that it becomes more memorable and unforgettable, you can shape it into a lollipop.

The trick is to roll the towel into a long roll, then place a ribbon of a different color on one long side. Then roll it into a lollipop and you can put a pin on the end so it doesn’t come off. If you have stuck a stick on one side, wrap it in plastic, and add a small ribbon and your business card.

10. Make Soap From Natural Ingredients

Image by pinterest.com

Another unique gift that you can make as a thank you is, natural soap. To be able to make soap is not difficult, but you must be patient and careful in waiting for this soap to be ready for use.

The trick is to heat the ready-made soap bar. If it has melted, you can add a mixture of other natural ingredients that have a nice fragrance, then print it into a small square. After it hardens, wrap it with wax paper, and add a small rope in the middle.

11. Simple Tote Bag

Image by pinterest.com

Who doesn’t like being given a clearly useful item. Well, this one unique idea you can try as a thanks souvenir, which is a simple tote bag.

To be able to make this tote bag you only need to prepare a cloth, cut it into a large rectangular du for the bag, and two small rectangles for ears. First, unite the rope with one side of the fabric in the bag. If so, also sew around the edges. You can add buttons or zippers to close the bag, right?

12. Wooden Spoon With Your Name Engraving

Image by pinterest.com

Another unique and useful gift that you can make a DIY thanks decoration is a wooden spoon with name engraving. You can buy this wooden spoon at a hardware store, and choose wood-based things. If so, you can make carvings in the hollow section of the spoon. Then put it in a plastic bag and tie it with your ribbon and business card. Simple is not it?

13. Small Jars Containing Sweets

Image by pinterest.com

This gift will be a favorite of children. Yes, a jar filled with candy. This gift is also very funny and impressive. You don’t need to bother making candy because you can buy it in wholesale quantities. Choose candy that has many colors so that the contents of the jar look more attractive. Put the candy into the jar. Close the lid of the jar with a flannel cloth tied with a rattan cord and a thank you card. Good luck!

14. A Rustic Key Chain From A Rope

Image by pinterest.com

Next is the key chain, of course, this object will be very useful for the recipient. This key chain is also quite common among the people, and they like it.

In order to look rustic, the material for the key chain must be chosen from a cord that is light brown, dark brown to beige. Furthermore, the shape of the rope becomes a typical woven fabric complete with tassels below. Voila! So, you just need to wrap it in plastic, tie it in a small ribbon, and insert a thank you card on top of it. So simple isn’t it?

15. Plant Seeds

Image by pinterest.com

Well, another unique and useful DIY thanks decoration is planting seeds. Wow, of course, this gift will attract the attention of mothers, yeah guys. Because the gift from the seed of this plant is still very rarely used as a gift, even though the price is quite cheap, and the benefits are huge.

You can choose seeds that grow easily, such as beans, chili and other types of vegetables, or seeds from ornamental plants such as sunflower seeds and others. Then, put the seeds in a specimen glass container, add extra ropes and greeting cards on top, and become a simple gift with thousands of benefits.

16. A Small Brooch Of Satin Ribbons

Image by pinterest.com

The last DIY thanks decoration is the little brooch from a satin ribbon. The materials used to make these ribbons are very cheap and easy to find. You only need a colored satin ribbon, then a small safety pin, glue, and beads as decoration.

The way to make it is cut a 30 cm long satin ribbon, then wrap it around your fingers with a pattern to make a ribbon. If it is formed, tie the middle with thread or it can be with another ribbon and put beads in the middle as decoration. When finished, put the small pin on the back of the pit, and voila! Become a beautiful little ribbon.

So that’s a lot of creative tips and unique ideas for DIY thanks decoration, that especially for your family, friends, or relatives friend, may be useful and good luck, dear.