5 Make Up Inspirations for Big Celebration

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If you are looking for 5 make up inspirations for big celebration, you’ve landed on the right page. Nowadays, beauty and makeup ideas are primarily influenced by the flow of trends. With various social media sites available on the internet, inspiration, and look is becoming more and more easily reached than ever before.

Besides, there are now more people who share their gorgeous makeup looks to the world, sparking inspiration and idea for makeup lovers everywhere. To cut out your time in finding through the huge number of makeup inspiration and looks out there, here we have compiled the top 5 makeup inspirations that you can try to celebrate a special day.

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1. A Pretty Sweet Look

Source : clipzui.com

If you need a minimal look that is perfect for a special date or for celebrating Valentine’s Day, you should look to this pretty sweet look. A minimal sweet look will be perfect for every skin color. As long as you choose the right shade for your makeup, you’ll be able to look stunning on your special day.

To get this look, take your highlight from the top of your cheekbones in a C-shape to your temples. After that, apply the similar shade of your highlight to your lids for a shimmer effect. You can complete your look with a glossy bright pink lipstick to add a youthful finish.

2. Young Hollywood Look

Source : pinterest.com

This is another one of 5 make up inspirations for big celebration that you shouldn’t miss. This look is perfect for attending a night party or other big days when you want to go for heavy makeup on. It incorporates subtle smokey eye with purple and blue shadows which pair perfectly with a bold red lip.

If you want to try this glamour look for your special day, check out the look of Rowan Blanchard that serves major looks. For the subtle smokey eye, you can contrast it with bright silver under the lower lash line. It will give a dramatic twist of your classic smokey eye. Wear a matching color dress for a stunning appearance.

3. Bold Red Smokey Look

Source : pinterest.com

If you like to be different and unique, this bold graphic red smokey eye is surely your taste. It can be a perfect look for a big celebration that is around the corner. Besides the bold eye makeup, everything is simple. It somehow feels like no makeup looks without the red smokey eye.

Inspired by a look by Hung Vanngo, this one of 5 make up inspirations for big celebration is done by mixing two shades from an eyeshadow palette. You can get the look by applying the shadows on the whole crease as well as lower lash lines. To make it outstanding, extend the shadow upward and outward.

After that, you can blend the edges by using a lighter red shade on the palette. Don’t forget to apply two coats of mascara and your eye look is good to go! To complete your look, you can select a rosy nude lipstick. This way, all the attention will be on the killer eyes.

4. Fantastic Face Beat

Source : glam-tube.com

If you prefer more natural, simple look than the killer smokey eye, you will love this one. Mixing orange and pink shimmers for your eye makeup and you will be the start of the show! This look is actually great for any skin type. You can just adjust your lipstick color to make it stand out.

To get the look, you should begin with an orange shimmer near the tear ducts. After that, move it across the eye with alternating dark and light pink shadows. Complete your look with light mascara and eyeliner. For the lip, you can opt for a color that looks similar to your natural lips.

5. Natural Yet Dramatic Makeup Look

Source : makeupview.co

Inspired by Kendal Jenner’s look, this one of the 5 make up inspirations for big celebration will make a great choice for any occasion. This look shows that less can mean more in makeup. With a light foundation and minimal blush on, this look is just lovely and beautiful without too much effort.

Adding a bit of dramatic look is the winged eyeliner and long lashes. To get this look, you can simply carry your black liner around the top lash line. For the long lashes, you can add a lot of mascara or simply use several falsies. Just make sure to find the best fake lashes to get the most of it.

All in all, there are actually a lot of makeup inspirations and looks that you can find out there. However, these five makeup inspirations will surely take you into another level. So, if you need some inspirations to apply your makeup for a special occasion, you can always look to these 5 make up inspirations for big celebration.