7 Wrong Ways on Your Diet Program

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Believe it or not, there can be at least 7 wrong ways on your diet program that prevent you from losing weight the way you want it to be. In fact, not every diet strategy works for everyone. You might end up following the wrong rule and you just gain as much weight as you set out to lose.

Then, what should we do to avoid these mistakes? Luckily, we have compiled the most common wrong ways that can ruin your diet program. Thus, you can learn from it to understand which the right and wrong way to do. Without further ado, here are some of those common wrong dieting ways you should avoid.

1. You Only Count Calories

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We cannot deny that there are many diet programs that involve calorie model into their strategy. When it seems to be a great way, it is actually one of the 7 wrong ways on your diet program. This is because there is none who can accurately estimate how many calories they actually eat and how many calories their body burns.

Then, what should we do to fix this? Instead of counting your calories intake only, try to focus on the quality of what you are consuming and allow your body does the math. For instance, a heavy bowl of whole-grain oatmeal can satisfy you more than a cereal bar. And satisfaction is what actually saves you calories.

2. You Treat Fat Like It Is the Culprit

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There is no doubt that fat contains more calories than pure protein or carbohydrate. However, experts agree that low-fat diets are actually another worst way to maintain ideal weight as well as lose weight. If you cut out fat, you need to substitute it with something else. As a result, you don’t actually reduce your calorie intake. 

In this case, you just substitute calories from fat with calories from sugar and carbs. That’s why it becomes another one of the 7 wrong ways on your diet program. Different from fat, sugar can cause a fast surge and dip in blood sugar which leaves you craving for more food in a short time after eating.

Therefore, what is the best thing to do at this point? First of all, you should at least add a little bit of fat to your diet regardless of your weight-loss aim. It is not only because fat can make your foods more satisfying and taste better. Healthy fats like olive oil can also promote glowing skin and shiny hair.

3. You Include Healthy Food without Cutting Anything Out

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Sure, it is a good idea to add more protein to your breakfast or consume more fat if your diet doesn’t have enough of it. However, it doesn’t mean that drowning your morning bagel with yogurt or adding full-fat dressing to your bowl of salads is the right thing to do.

Instead of simply adding a new food to your diet, just swap the foods. To avoid this one of 7 wrong ways on your diet program, you can simply eat your side salad rather than emptying the bread basket when waiting for your meal to arrive. Rather than dipping into your candy stash, take a handful of nuts.

4. You Don’t Eat Enough

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When you attempt to lose weight, it makes sense that you want to eat fewer calories since many people say that it can help lose weight. However, this theory actually overlooks how biology influences body weight. If you eat fewer calories, your metabolism will slow down to preserve its fuel.

On the other hand, your stomach will feel less full. As a result, you feel ravenous and hungry. The solution is to avoid eating as few calories as possible. Instead, you should assess your current daily diet and make one small calorie-cutting change each week. This way is better than eating too small foods daily.

5. You Use Workout to Rationalize for Cheating

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If you have ever used workout or exercise to rationalize for cheating, you have done another one of the 7 wrong ways on your diet program.  Exercise is for sure an effective way to reduce stress, promote a better quality of sleeping, calming chronic inflammation, lowering insulin levels, and improving your metabolism, but its main value isn’t about burning calories.

6. You Eat All the Vegan/Organic/Raw Foods

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Organic foods are certainly not bad for your health or harmful to your weight loss program. However, you should know that there is a big difference between organic tomatoes and the organic cookies you buy on the market. Just because it is made from organic materials doesn’t magically mean it contains fewer calories.

At this point, you may need to ignore fancy food labels and zero in “something” on nutritional facts before you grab processed foods into your shopping cart. Whether it is organic or not isn’t the thing. In fact, you can eat snacks and still lose weight if you’re consuming fewer calories.

7. You Treat Fruit as a Perk

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This is another one of the 7 wrong ways on your diet program. We cannot deny that some brand-name diet programs out there suggest that consuming unlimited amounts of produce is cool. While there is no doubt that nature’s candy is much healthier than store candy, you should remember that fruits pack a significant amount of calories and sugar. 

Well, none says that it’s a crime to consume more fruit that is rich in antioxidants and fiber. However, most experts believe that you better eat more veggies than fruit. As a result, when it comes to snacking, vegetable should be the first choice. After that, you can consider fruit, chips, and other snack foods as an alternative.

In conclusion, there are at least seven things that you may do wrong when practicing your diet program. Now that you have known those wrong ways on some common diet programs, you should start to be more careful in choosing a diet strategy. Don’t forget to avoid doing these 7 wrong ways on your diet program to lose your weight.