9 New Modern Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

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Since you landed on this page, it’s safe to assume that you are searching for 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas for your upcoming project.  Nowadays, a minimalist style has gained more popularity because of its clean and neat look that suits any home. Whether you have narrow or a quite larger space, minimalist style can always be a great option.

When it comes to the modern bathroom, there are actually a number of ways to apply minimalist style into your bathroom design. From employing clever storage on the corner of the room to adding smart finishes, you can get the most of your bathroom with minimalist style. To help get started, here are the top nine ideas to consider.

1. Bring Simple Yet Attractive Vanity Light

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Keeping everything simple and clean is one of the most important points in designing a minimalist bathroom. A simple yet appealing bathroom vanity light, in this case, is able to become a focal point in a neat, clean minimalist bathroom. Go for a pendant style light with a gold string to provide contrast against the all-white tiled walls.

2. Liven Up the Room with Indoor Plants

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Another one of the 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas that you should try is to bring indoor plants to your space. It’s no secret that indoor plants can add a lot of life to your minimalist bathroom. More interestingly, it doesn’t add any unnecessary clutter. You can use clear glass vase for an elegant look.

Instead of a vase, you can also bring one or two planters to your bathroom. If you have enough floor space for greenery, you can put the planters beside your freestanding bathtub and toilet. Make sure to get an indoor plant that is easy to maintain so that you can save time to take care of it.

3. Add Function Instead of Adding Storage

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Rather than stuffing your bathroom with too many storage solutions, it’s better for you to focus more on function. You can swap that oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist. After that, you can think of any useful thing you can do with the available space. For instance, you can put an all-in-one dryer and washer.

When it comes to the 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas, you may consider involving multi-function furniture that can have more than one purpose inside your bathroom. For example, you can opt for a mirror that has a storage solution. It is just a mirror when it’s closed, but you can store your stuff in it once it’s opened.

4. Go for the Right Finishes

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We cannot deny that tile, finishes, and fixtures are among the most expensive items in bathroom design. To get the most of your minimalist bathroom, you should think of these items carefully. Instead of leaving all the walls tiled in white, you may consider tilling a stripe for the upper half of your bathroom.

Moreover, you need to select quality accent lighting fixtures that can make a standout focal point in your minimalist bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom looks even more modern, swap that conventional toilet with a new floating style toilet that can also save more space as well. You can also think of upgrading your glass shower door.

5. Opt for a Seamless Glass Shower Door

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If you are still reading these 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas, we recommend you to use a seamless glass shower door. It’s surely a perfect method to save more space especially if you have a small minimalist bathroom. A seamless glass door is probably pricier than a shower curtain, but it will absolutely be more durable.

6. Wall-Mount Your Stuff

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One of the popular trends to design a bathroom nowadays is to wall-mount everything. Floating toilet becomes a new trend as well in a minimalist bathroom. Besides, it’s a nice way to make cleaning simpler since you can access the floor below. You can also float the sinks to have more space in your bathroom.

7. Add Cubbies to Your Bathroom Design

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More and more modern bathroom nowadays come with cubbies to add integrated storage to a minimalist bathroom. There is an adequate gap behind between the studs to make a useful cubby. If you aren’t willing to tear up your walls, you can simply add a shelf, choosing a cabinet with open shelves, or wall mounting a floating cubby shelf.

8. Add More Mirrors

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If you are looking for the 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas that can work for a small room as well, you should go with this idea. Instead of walls, mirrors can do an impressive job in making the illusion of spacious bathroom. That’s why you can consider adding more mirrors when you want to make your room looks bigger.

9. Add Black to Your White

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There’s no doubt that most modern minimalist bathroom will have all white color scheme. Some colors may only come from indoor plants or flowers. If you want to add more depth to your eyes, you can consider adding black to your minimalist bathroom. You can incorporate the color on your tile design or wall décor.

Those are the top nine ideas that you can consider to design a minimalist bathroom. If you need inspiration on how to do with your small bathroom, you can also employ those ideas to make the most of your narrow space. Finally, we hope you enjoy these 9 new modern minimalist bathroom ideas.