The Best Moves to Back and Bicep Workout at Home

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When you are exercising to build your muscle, doing back and bicep workout as an essential part of your exercise would be a good idea. While many people focus on their biceps when exercising, they often forget about their back. This is entirely logical because muscular biceps look strong and adorable whereas back muscles are barely visible. You tend to show off your abs, chest, and biceps instead of showing your back unless you are a devoted bodybuilder.

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If there is nothing that you can show on your back, why should you do back and bicep workout instead of bicep-only workout? One clear reason is that your biceps are connected with your back, both physiologically and functionally. When you try to do any physical tasks and exercises that rely on your biceps, your back muscle will always give your biceps extra strength to make those tasks and exercises happen. If you train your back and biceps, you don’t have to exert too much load to your biceps because your biceps and back muscles will work in tandem, making your exercise more efficient and less tiring.

Some Extra Benefits of Doing Back and Bicep Workout

Besides the perfect coordination between your biceps and back muscles that you can achieve when you do back and bicep workout regularly, you will also reap some benefits from exercising those areas in your body.

1. You will have a more flexible upper body.

By performing back and bicep workout regularly, you will not only have a pair of strong arms to lift, to push, to pull, and to do other physical activities. You will also have a more flexible upper body. You can stand up straight more steadily, you can reach higher and further spots, you can stabilize your shoulders more efficiently when lifting the weight on them, and you can pull and extend your arms further.

2. You will have a stronger backbone.

Your spine is a crucial organ not only because it becomes the framework for your body to be able to stand up straight. Your spine also becomes essential support for some of the most vital organs in your body, such as the nervous system and your head. Your spine needs strong muscles to cushion its movements and to help it support your organs. Most of these needed muscles are located on your back. By performing back and bicep workout, you can make sure that your spinal column is always properly supported.

3. You will look good.

Although your back muscles are barely visible, they can look gorgeous if you exercise them regularly. Bodybuilders will be happy to show off their muscular back during a competition. Even if you are not a bodybuilder, making your back muscles more toned and visible will certainly give some cosmetic benefits to your look. This is another clear reason why performing back and bicep workout regularly will be beneficial for you.

The Best Moves for Your Back and Bicep Workout

To help you build your back muscles and biceps, there are some great back and bicep workout exercises that you can try at home or a gym. Most of the exercises that you will see below focus on horizontal pulls (rows) and vertical pulls (pull-ups) because pull exercise puts almost the entire load on your biceps and back muscles. Here I will show you three examples of exercises that allow you to have a stronger and more muscular back and biceps.

1. Pull-ups

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Pull-up is an excellent exercise to build your back muscles and biceps because you will rely only on these muscles when you do the exercise. To do pull-ups properly, find a horizontal bar that is high enough to allow you to pull your body upward with your arms. When trying to lift your body, don’t kick your body up using your feet because that’s considered cheating and you will not get an optimal result from your back and bicep workout. Rely only on your biceps and back muscles and use your shoulder as the center of the pulling weight. When folding your arms during your upward movement, be sure that the elbows are right on the sides of your body and that your chin touches the bar. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise to get a significant result.

2. Dumbbell Reverse Grip Rows

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You do this back and bicep workout by standing upright with your feet shoulder wide apart and your hands—facing forward—holding a pair of dumbbells. After you achieve this initial position, bend your upper body forward until it makes a 45-degree angle with the floor. As you reach this position, lift the dumbbells by hinging your elbows forward and upward and allowing the dumbbells to touch your ribs. Return to the initial position to complete a repetition. Do 10 reps of this exercise to complete a set. 3 sets of this exercise every day is enough to give your biceps and back muscles a boost in mass and strength.

3. Renegade Rows

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This back and bicep workout exercise is an excellent way to efficiently exert load to your biceps and back muscles, effectively improving their mass and strength. To do this exercise, you need a pair of dumbbells. While taking a regular push-up position, hold both dumbbells in your hands. Lift one of the dumbbells upward by hinging up your elbow until the dumbbell reaches your ribs and your elbow right at the side of your body. The imbalance may cause your body to rotate, so resist it. After putting the dumbbell on your ribs for a while, lower it down to reach the initial position. You can then do the same exercise with the other dumbbell to complete a rep. Do 3 sets of 10 reps regularly to train your biceps and back muscles.

There are many other exercises that you can do to build your back muscles and biceps. The three examples above clearly show the powerful effects of pulls and rows on your back and biceps. If you want to do the most effective back and bicep workout, you may want to start with a large variety of pull and row exercises.