15 Extraordinary Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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Everyone has their own types of dreams bedroom. Among various styles of bedroom decoration, modern styles have drawn huge attention. They commonly come with sleek, simple, yet clean impression. Redecorating bedroom may lead you to confusion as you will see numerous amazing ideas. This article will sum up basic guides and fabulous bedroom ideas to make yours fantastic, enjoyable, and comfortable.

Basic Rules That Always Work

Before choosing furniture and all, know simple guides to make your dream bedroom comes true. A bedroom must be a comfortable place to energize yet relax. Therefore, prepare your bedroom to meet all of these essentials.

  • Choose A Theme That Suits Your Personality

Express your personality through your bedroom design. You can choose moods such as simple minimalist, cheerful, traditional, vintage, or tropical. They are among the most sought decoration ideas today so you can certainly combine them with a modern touch.

  • Color Tips

There are major color pallets you can pick out to paint the wall all over the bedroom. The first is neutral pallets. The color option includes white, light brown, and crème. These colors are great options for a small room since they create a larger illusion. 

  • Keep It Clean 

This is good old advice. The cleanroom will make you feel comfortable. Cleanroom also means healthy space for you to spend hours within. Regularly clean every corner set arrangements for accessories and properties, and allow the air to naturally circulate. 

  • Make Use Of Every Inch Of Space

Having a limited space is not a restriction to apply your desired decoration. There are tips you can apply to make use of every corner without making the bedroom stuffy. First, choose bright color pallets such as white shades. Then, place a mirror to create a larger impression. You can still add decorative stuff however, choose ones which do not consume space. You can also make the bedroom looks more spacious simply by setting proper lighting inside.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

When you are done with all the basic guides, now it is time to move on to the details of your dream bedroom. Here are fifteen amazing ideas to create a modern, stylish bedroom.

1. Industrial Modern Bedroom

Image source: pinterest.com

Industrial style obviously represents the sleek, simplicity, yet the comfort of a modern design bedroom. Start with a combination of black and white for the bedroom pallets. Opt for low bed with matching nightstands for the furniture.

2. Antique Style With Touches Of Modernity 

Image source: pinterest.com

Mesmerized by the classy look of antique style? You can actually combine your antique interest with modernity. The blend of bright colors such as gray with antique wall arts or clocks is perfect for this style. You can also apply classic wall carve.

3. Shades Of Pale

Image source: pinterest.com

Choose shades of pale and have a good night sleep. Bed, side tables, and dresser with the wood element in pale colors definitely give a calming effect. Put matching wall arts for a more modern feel.

4. Wall With The Application Of Modern Accent

Image source: pinterest.com

Give a modern feel to your bedroom simply by applying certain accents to your wall. Apply only to the headboard wall to make it the center of attention. Some of the great selections are different tones paint, molding, 3-D tiles, and photography.

5. The Application Of Graphic Wall

Image source: pinterest.com

For the special more aesthetic, modern bedroom, opt for the graphic wall instead of wallpaper. It will give a personal detail as you can definitely choose your interest to paint. Natures and ethnic patterns are to name a few among a bunch of inspiration for the graphic wall.

6. Bedroom With Futuristic Imagination

Image source: pinterest.com

Neutral colors are still considered great options for futuristic-themed bedroom. Choose uniquely shaped furniture to complete the theme. However, avoid overwhelming decoration that makes the room space feels stuffy. Storages under the bed or drawers are perfect to accommodate limited space.

7. Eccentric Wall Molding

Image source: pinterest.com

Other than classic curves, you can be more playful by applying wall borders with bright, bold colors. Red or white is perfect to be applied on the gray-painted wall.

8. Storages For Limited Space

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Choose furniture with storages to accommodate your things, such as bed or drawer with roomy storage under. You can also customize your own storages which are fitted in the wall. This will help your small bedroom to be more compact.

9. Masculine Bold

Image source: pinterest.com

The Masculine style looks great with neutral pallet and furniture with bold lines. To create a softer look, choose rug or wall arts with geometric patterns.

10. Touch Of Green

Image source: pinterest.com

If you want to add color other than neutral pallets, try green. The pallet of this color certainly makes the room look fresh yet relaxing. Add touches of green for some of your bedroom decorations. For a dynamic result, play with the gradation of the color.

11. Scandinavian

Image source: pinterest.com

The Scandinavian decoration is suitable for those who like simplicity and minimalism. To create an amazing Scandinavian bedroom, apply neutral colors for the wall. Natural, optimal lighting is also an essential element for this bedroom style. If you want to create an interesting spot among this simple area, try to apply textured or patterned decoration in certain spots of the bedroom.

12. Contrast Combination

Image source: pinterest.com

Apply contrast combination of colors for your bedding set, wall arts, and rugs. This will efficiently create an interesting, stylish look. Contrast color combination will also show your unique side of personality.

13. Elegant Vintage

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This style can be represented by round-edged furniture and patterned fabrics. The Flower print is one of the best options for this elegant vintage look. Complementary furniture which is made of wood or metal will successfully bring back the 1960s ambiance into your bedroom. For a more chic look, put vintage wall arts or unique decorations from the past. The whole combination will make the vintage look more stylish.

14. Playful Pattern

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Pattern combination is a playful, interesting idea for your bedroom. Remember to apply patterns in harmonious colors to make the bedroom effortlessly looks amazing.

15. Minimalist Monochrome

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If simplicity is your biggest preference, monochromatic style is worthy to consider. Add a playful touch by applying patterned decoration in certain spots.