Start Your Best Morning to Boost Beautiful Day

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Even though a number of busy activities await, you still have to have high enthusiasm to live your day. Build a good mood in the morning, so you can go through your day as well as possible. Everyone will certainly have a way that can make them happy and excited to go through the day.

If you can recognize this well, it is guaranteed that your morning will always be passed with a good mood and ready to lead a long day with achievements. You won’t be lazy anymore, or you won’t even feel burdened with a number of busy routines. This will make your life far more qualified, because you will have good achievements every day.

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As the result, There are a number of things they do before going to work and college in the morning or when they are in the office or campus. So that it becomes a habit in the future to become more alive and gain achievements in work and school. Here are some habits that they always do every morning before they move to improve their mood, including:

1. Exciting Small Sports


Who says exercise must be done for a long and tiring duration?

Not necessarily exercise that is exhausting, can be with the type of small exercise that is done in the morning and does not require a long and tiring duration. Just do a small exercise so you don’t get tired of starting the day. There are many types of small exercise that you can do easily to improve mood in the morning, such as yoga, some small movements to stretch muscles, weight training with dumble, sit-up, push-up, skipping or even jogging around your house. Even though, it’s just a simple pratice, this sport can also build a mood and make you have positive energy in the morning.

2. Breakfast with family


After completing some of the activities above, successful people will usually immediately take a shower and change work clothes. After that, they will definitely take the time to have breakfast with family. For them, even though they are busy with work, but they also continue to care and spend time even if only a little time with family. And after breakfast, then you can prepare to work and start living your days.

3. Do something to encourage mood before starting work


Do you prefer to start the day calmly, complete with a cup of warm coffee and a newspaper in hand?

OR are you the type of person who will work more spirit by joking with a partner or friends  in the morning?

Whatever it is, do something that can boost your spirits and positive mood in the morning before starting work. Research shows that when our body and mental are “repaired” to be happier before doing a task. As the result, we will work better.

4. Reduce multitasking


Although working closely related to multitasking, it was to complete more than one task in one time can actually waste valuable of time and less effective.

Research has shown that people thingking who try to do two or more activities in one time become easily distracted. The quality of their work is bad. The key is focusing on completing one task in one time before moving on to the next project.

5. Make a work desk as comfortable as your home


A messy table is a sign of a messy mind. Remember. The time that you spend for searching important papers tucked somewhere every day is the actual extra time that you can use to reach another work done.

If you want to keep your working more improve. You can try for setting a minute to clean and tidy up the table. You can decorate your work desk with your distinctive style, for example by carrying a display doll, a backup makeup bag, a picture frame of a family member or lover, or maybe a favorite idol poster?

In conclusion, you can make yourself comfortable and relaxed in the office, just like at home.

6. Smile


Remembering beautiful memories like the example above will also make you smile. Something as simple as smiling can increase your happiness at work because it tells the brain to be happier, thanks to the release of neuropeptide compounds.

Smiling is also “spread” or it can suggest other people to make colleagues around you smile and work more passionately.

7. Make Plans for All Day


A planning note will make you passionate about achieving it. Do not make plans at night yet? you can try to arrange plans in the morning. This will be fun, because you are still in a fresh condition and ready to live beautifully.

It is a fun new thing for your day, for example going to a flower garden, dividing affection for orphanages, or even just making food with your family’s favorite menu in the afternoon. All of this, it can be fun and make you excited to live your days.

8. Listen to Favorite Music


Beautiful music makes you happier. Music is certainly one of the most powerful tools that can affect someone’s feelings, including you too. Listening to your favorite music can make you more excited and have a positive mood to face a challenging day.

But don’t forget, choose the type of music that can indeed make you have positive energy, and avoid music that will make you sad in the morning. The choice of this type of music will be very important, because music will directly affect your mood when listening to it, especially if you listen music wholeheartedly.