5 Tips to Create the Best Round the World Itinerary

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Finding the best round the world itinerary would be difficult. The best itinerary you can get is the one that you made yourself. Here, we have several tips you can use to create the best itinerary for your round the world trip. 

1. Make a List

best round the world itinerary
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The first of our travel tips is making a list. Create a places-you-want-to-see-and-visit list before you move to the next step. Of course, you have a dream to visit some places in other countries, right? You can put that as the list. Then, you use this list as the base to create the itinerary that you want to fulfill in your round the world tour.

Once you have to list, you need to adjust the position of each place on your list. You can’t just place the area, country or spot you want to visit most in the first place. For round the world tour, you need to create a list that allows you to keep moving from the city or country where you live. And, at the end of the trip, your goal will be the place where you start. It could be the city where you live or other cities in your country.

Therefore, the first place to visit should be the nearest place or spot from the starting point. Then, gradually choose the next place close to that first place. You do it continually and tailor it, so the trip will go to all continents and end up where you start. 

2. Determine the Budget

best round the world itinerary
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Once you create the trip route through the list, now you need to see how much money you can spend on this trip. You need to remember, round the world trip takes a much longer time than a common vacation. You spend at most 2 months on the common vacation. However, the round the world trip needs almost a year and maybe more than that, if you find a more interesting place to visit during your trip. 

The first place you will spend most of your budget is transportation. For the flight, there is around the world package you can purchase. The price is starting from around $3,000 to $14,000. And, it is just a flight. For transportation in the destination area, you might need to spend more. At least, for transportation, you need to prepare more than $15,000.

The amount of budget you have also affected how many places you can visit. In short, your budget will affect your trip itinerary heavily. If you have a low budget, you can’t visit too many places and spend too much time on your trip. But, if you have more than enough budgets, you can add more places and travel time in the plan to create the best round the world itinerary.

3. Decide the Season of Your Trip

best round the world itinerary
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You also can adjust the itinerary for your round the world trip, so you only experience specific seasons. For example, if you want to escape from the winter in your place, you can create an itinerary that allows you to visit many tropical places on your trip. If you have one year around the world trip, you can even have a summer season for that whole year. 

4. Plan for the Downtime

best round the world itinerary
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Round the world, the trip seems to be very interesting. You experience, visit and see many things during your trip. It also takes a longer time. More or less, this trip will affect your health and burden your body and mind. So, it is important to plan for downtime. This is the time when you take a full rest and restore your condition. 

Having a health problem or illness during round the world trip will give you nothing but a problem. It ruins your trip. You also spend more money on recovering. And, there is a chance you won’t get the proper treatment that you usually get in the country where you live. For each visit in every country, make sure you have at least one full day of downtime. 

5. Peak and Off-Season

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It is impossible to visit every place in your itinerary at its peak season. In peak season, mostly, you will get better weather, a more interesting thing to see, and many other benefits. But, the travel time between places won’t allow you to experience that in all places. Make sure you plan the time carefully. So, when you arrive at the place you want to visit the most, you arrive at the best season to spend there.


That’s all. Once you make that plan, you can start to execute it by booking the flight as well as the place where you are going to stay. But, did you know that you get an even more interesting trip without planning it? Yes, without any plan and just enjoy the trip and adventure, you will find yourself following the most interesting best round the world itinerary.