Guide to Get the Best Way to Travel Around the World

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What is the best way to travel around the world? There are many answers. However, if you ask this question to us, the answer is so obvious. We will pick the airplane. There are many benefits you can get from traveling by airplane more than traveling by land or sea.

Benefits of Traveling Around the World by Plane

best way to travel around the world
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In the simplest words, you will get money, time, and energy benefits. The price you need to pay for visiting other countries by airplane is much cheaper than the other two. A trip with the airplane only cost around a hundred dollars. But, if you take land transportation, you need to calculate how much fuel you need to buy to get to the destination a thousand miles away from your place.

Traveling by sea is no different. You need months and more to reach the other side of the world. If you travel using the ship, you will spend more money and energy. However, there is an exception to this traveling method. It is when you take the round the world cruise trip. You ride a big cruise ship that will take you to several places in the world. 

The big downside of this trip is its prices. It is one of the most expensive rounds the world tour available today. Moreover, you won’t have that much freedom to enjoy every country that you visit. There is a strict schedule you need to follow. Mostly, this kind of trip sells the luxurious trip on the cruise ship as the main product. If you plan to see unique and interesting stuff in many countries, you may need to use other methods.

Traveling by Plane

best way to travel around the world
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The most important travel tips you need to know regarding the Round The World (RTW) tour is the freedom. You have the freedom to explore and adventure in many places. That way you can make good memories every time you stop in many places. If you travel with your beloved one, this could be one of the best journeys you can have.

Now, traveling by plane for round the world tour can be done in two methods. Some airlines even provide a special package for traveling to many places in many countries through these two methods. Here are the two methods that can be considered as the best way to travel around the world.

1. RTW (Round the World) ticket

You can purchase the RTW ticket around the world tour. This ticket is only available for one airline. And, that one airline will provide transportation to all countries and cities all over the world that you want to visit. With this travel method, you don’t need to worry about finding the flight when you want to move to other countries. Everything has been arranged from the beginning of your trip.

The RTW trip has a very strict schedule you have to follow. Once you arrive at the destination, you will know the time when you need to move to the next destination. Moreover, the trip also starts and ends in a similar place. So, if you live in the U.S., you will end your trip in this country as well. However, you don’t have to choose the same city. You can choose different cities, such as you start from New York, and end up in Washington D.C.

The popular airlines that provide this service are Oneworld and Star Alliance. As for the prices, it depends on the flight class you take. The economy class is cost around $3,000. The business and VIP class is starting from $11,000 per person.  

2. One way ticket

Unlike RTW ticket that all flight has been booked beforehand, you need to book the flight only before the time you move to the next destination. This can be very complicated and time-consuming. However, you will have more freedom with your staying time. For example, you visit Bali and plan to stay for a week. Then, during your stay, you find a special beach you want to visit. You can stay longer and get the flight ticket later.

RTW with its schedule won’t give you that freedom. You will get a penalty when you late or don’t take the flight that has been scheduled. However, the one-way ticket can be more expensive than the RTW ticket. Every time you search for a flight, the price can change according to the current rate. 


So, which one is the best method? It depends on how you want to travel. If you travel with family and your kids, RTW is the best choice. If you love adventure and freedom, a one-way ticket is the best choice. You can create the schedule that you like and enjoy the destination as much as you want. Now, are you ready to choose the best way to travel around the world?