Modern Design Home You Can Apply for Creating a Cozy Living Room

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Modern design home or interior design is one of the most interesting styles to apply. The main reason why designers or homeowners love to apply modern style is that it looks simple. A modern house is full of natural materials, neutral colors, and limit unnecessary details. Building a modern house means that you are trying to make your living area effective without losing its comfort.   

The Characteristics of Modern Home Designs

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Before applying a modern style, you need to understand the characteristics that make your house is called a modern living area. First, you need to understand that modern home design means simple. That’s why most of the modern buildings often use concrete, beams, or even left it exposed. This is following the simple idea but it still attracted to see. 

Second, simplicity is also used in determining the patterns. Instead of applying curves and complicated patterns, you have to choose the simple one such as horizontal and vertical lines for the modern home furnishings and decor. It can be applied to the wallpaper, bedcover, pillow cover, floor, and many more. 

Third, the design emphasizes on nature and something natural. Let say, it is common to see a lot of windows or glass doors. The main function of this decoration is to let natural light pass through the windows or glass. As a result, the room is still bright without electricity, especially during the day. Indeed, it follows the modern model rule to be an environmentally friendly living area. 

Fourth, natural materials are the primary option while building or decorating a room. For example, designers love to apply wood, metals, leather, or natural fibers. Sometimes, they let the materials without any additional finish to get natural colors, texture, and pattern.  

Modern Home Decor Ideas

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After learning the characteristics of modern home decor, you can start to apply them. Here, we have several cool modern home decor catalogs for your inspiration. The ideas can be simple but it gives a significant impact on the entire room. The decor will make your modern room feels comfortable, cozy, colorful, and fresh. The most important thing is that the room has a maximal function. 

White Modern Living Room

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In case you want to apply a simple modern design, you can try to apply white color for your comfortable living room. You may put a white sofa and furniture along with the antique or simple model. It is also the same case with decorations in the living room. 

You can choose a plain table and chair decorations such as applying a white or cream sofa pillow cover, a glass vase, and many more. To make the room interesting and balance, you can also apply other neutral colors such as gold, grey, or blue. 

You can apply the colors for the window’s frame, table lamp, table, and many others. Just make sure that the white color is the dominant color. It is also good to choose a room close to the windows for the living room so you can open them and the curtains to get natural light during the day. 

Minimalist Living Room

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If you only want to have a minimalist living room due to the limit of the space, you can apply this idea. First, decide the place for the living room and make sure that the location is close to the windows. Second, use a large mat in the area. There are a lot of attracting and simple large mats for living room in the market. 

Because you are about to apply to a modern living room, it is better to choose a plain mat along with a strong or bold color. A yellow or gold color mat is a good option because the color is bright and strong enough. The purpose of using it is to separate the living room area and another area. Third, instead of using a long sofa, you can use a pair of white chairs with a glass sofa table. 

It is okay to add a small round table or coffee table on the side of the chair. Put a glass vas with real plants such as colorful flowers or greeny leaves. That’s it! You finally have a comfortable living room and it shows that you don’t need to think something complicated only to create a cozy and interesting living room.       

Colorful Living Room

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Applying the modern home model doesn’t mean that you can’t play with colors. This colorful living room idea will make this area attracts the guests. The thing you have to consider is the way to balance the colors. 

Don’t be too much in applying the colors. Let’s say, you can apply a two-color stripes mat such as white and blue. Next, you can choose a big brown sofa and add chairs for the rest of the space. You can apply different colors for the chairs such as plain blue or green. 

Keep the wall white while thinking of hanging two or three colorful paintings or photos. Putting a small or medium tree in a big pot is a good alternative to keep the living room fresh. Put the plant in the corner of the room. Now, you have a cool and colorful living room without leaving the rules of the modern style.       

The most important thing that you need to prepare before applying modern style is creating home design house plans. You need to decide the area for a particular room such as the location of the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and many others. Then, start to think about the design as minimalist as it can and also as effective as it can. 

Just follow the characteristics of the modern style above. The room has to be interesting, functional, effective, and use the space maximally based on the role of the room itself. Soon, you will have a great modern design home, especially the living room that amazed your friends. Even, they may want to have a similar living room just like what you have. You may want to spend a few hours in the living room while reading, talking, or drinking because it feels comfortable and cozy.