Easy Diet Meal Plan For Man

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Hi, healthy friend! Are you including someone who is very concerned about weight condition? If yes, consider the text below.

Men are synonymous with eating patterns that have more servings than women. The temptation to always enjoy good food and the presence of excessive hunger to consume large amounts of food always ends up being a habit that is quite difficult to break. Whereas the nutritional needs of a man or woman’s body are not only based on the amount of food consumed but also what kind of food we should consume and how many calories are produced from these foods.

Having a plan to regulate your diet is certainly a very good goal, which is to make life better and healthier. The positive impact diet for men, you will avoid worries and health problems. This discussion will be important for those of you who already have non-ideal body weight (above the normal size of your body weight). Because weight is not ideal can also be a major cause of the entry and arrival of various diseases. Well, the following will be conveyed some information and tips that you can do to run a healthy diet for men. Let’s check it!

Nutritional Needs For Adult Men

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As the nutritional needs of women, men also consume at least three heavy meals a day along with healthy snacks. But it is very important for those of you who want to maintain ideal body weight to pay attention to how many calories your body needs. Here is the information!

  1. Age 19 to 30 years. For men who are in this age range, especially men who are not too heavy activities are required to consume 2400-2600 kcal of food and as much as 3000 kcal for men who have a fairly high level of activity.
  2. Ages 31 to 50 years. Likewise, for men who are in that age range, especially men who are not too heavy activities are required to consume 2200 – 2400 kcal food and as many as 2800 kcal for men who have a fairly high level of activity.
  3. Age 51 years. For elderly men who are at this age with activities that are not too heavy are required to consume as much as 2000 to 2200 kcal of food, and as much as 2400 kcal for elderly men who have a fairly high level of activity.

Well, if you are in the age range, then adjust the intake that you consume every day with the calorie needs that your body has and start to do the diet for men.

Appropriate Eating Portions To Maintain Ideal Body Weight

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If you want to maintain the ideal weight a do diet for men, pay attention to the type of food you will consume. The following are:

  1. Foods that contain carbohydrates such as cereals, rice, and tubers are only about the size of your two hands.
  2. Foods that contain vegetable or animal protein such as chicken, fish, cheese or milk with a size of only two of your palms.
  3. Vegetables or fruits the size of your two fists.
  4. Healthy snacks such as oatmeal, chips, etc. with the size of two cups from both of your hands.
  5. Heavy snacks such as cakes and bread, but only the size of 2 of your fingers.
  6. Fat like butter, and jam twice the size of your thumb.

Some of these foods, if we consume about 3-4 portions, then you already get 2,500 – 3,000 calories per day. Well, from some of the foods above we can also conclude that, it does not mean we have to leave foods that contain carbohydrates, fats, or other snacks, but by reducing the number of portions of food.

Do Regular Exercise To Reduce Your Weight

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Yes, to do the diet for men, exercise is also one way to reduce weight. By doing sports activities means you are burning calories and turning it into a form of energy that is used instead of energy lost when you exercise. No need to do hardsports but do regular exercise that you like. As is the case, by running in the morning, swimming, taking gym classes, etc.

Routine in sports to reduce weight you must do at least 30 minutes per day. Of course, by not reducing food intake from the normal limit of your body’s daily intake needs. And within 1 week you will lose half your body weight or 1 kilogram.

Plan A Diet Program That Is Not Boring

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In planning a diet program, it is definitely not recommended to completely abandon the things or habits that you did before. But also in a gradual way and use a reward system. The point is if you have successfully done a habituation diet for men, according to the things recommended previously you can apply 1 day off from the attachment to the diet plan you choose. Suppose you are allowed to eat burger buns complete with meat and cheese with a medium-size, tasting a pizza basket, or enjoy a cup of roasted corn that has just cooked. Well, thus you are not too surprised and still happy in undergoing this diet program.

Change Your Mindset And Continue To Do The Diet Stages

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The main key is to going on a diet for men, especially for men with high self-confidence. It is not to be ashamed to make dietary efforts the belief that you can improve your lifestyle. Then it is to be healthier and able to carry out this new routine continuously. All of this certainly depends on and returns to each of us, willing to earnestly achieve maximum results. Then or become what it is without any effort to lose weight.

Types Of Food That Can Lose Weight

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There are several types of food that might help you reduce your weight, including:

  1. Green vegetables. Green vegetables can certainly reduce weight because they have sufficiently high nutrition, low-fat content, and contain certain vitamins
  2. Apples and lemons. Lemon juice or pieces of lemon is usually also often used as an infused water bottle. Lemon is able to destroy fat cells that stick to the body’s walls. While apples can also be a healthy and filling meal replacement.
  3. Oatmeal. Healthy snacks that are packaged in the form of cereal are also quite. It is effective in maintaining the stability of your body weight but can fill your stomach.

Well, that’s some information that we can present related tips on a diet for men. Don’t forget to keep getting enough rest and exercise, eat enough, and reduce sugar consumption. Keep healthy and hopefully useful!