10 The Great Family Restaurant in Bali, You Should Try It!

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Bali is a great destination not only for honeymooners, sunbathers, and adventurous backpackers but also for tourists traveling with their family. When it comes to visiting Bali, one thing is considered very important: how you will eat there. Certainly, restaurants can be found in virtually every place in Bali. You will not find a problem finding a convenient place to eat regardless of where you currently are in Bali. However, if you invite your family to join your trip, you want to make sure that the restaurant that you visit is a family restaurant also called a family-friendly restaurant. If you want to make sure that the served dishes are suitable and palatable for all of your family members, take a look at the following ten family-friendly restaurants that you can find in Bali.

1. Taki-Taki Food Shelter

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This eating place is located at Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar Baru. Although this place cannot be called a family restaurant because it is actually not one single eating place but an area consisting of numerous eateries, all of your family members can always find their favorite foodstuff there. At Taki-Taki Food Shelter, there are a number of eateries that each of your family members can visit. Therefore, if you and your children don’t share similar favorites, you can let them disperse and search for their favorite foods.

2. Warung Mami

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If your destination is Jimbaran, you should take your time to eat at Warung Mami, one of the best family restaurants in Kuta that serve mostly seafood. Different people have different opinions about food, but almost everyone loves seafood so much that none of your family members can resist it. When you approach this homely and budget-friendly family restaurant, you can already sense the pleasant aroma of its food because it roasts the delicious fishes outside. As a customer, you can pick any raw ingredients you love the most and the restauranteur will cook them for you.

3. Kampoeng Bali

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When you visit Bali, there are at least two things that you want to do: try its local foods and enjoy its traditional arts and performances. What if you do both activities simultaneously? At Kampoeng Bali, you can enjoy your favorite meal while observing Balinese cultural arts and performances. This family restaurant is located in Jimbaran and it only opens after sunset; however, after it opens, it would be one of the liveliest restaurants in Jimbaran due to its colorful menu and exotic shows.

4. Tarabelle Donuts Uluwatu

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When you are looking for a family restaurant for you and your family, you don’t necessarily need to choose an eating place that serves a full set of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. At Tarabelle Donuts Uluwatu, you and your children can enjoy something that everyone loves: donuts. Although many restaurants serve donuts in Bali, based on anecdotal reports and reviews given by customers, Tarabelle’s donuts have a more distinctive taste and variety than those of the mainstream donuts.

5. Fast and Delicious Ubud

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If you want to eat at a family restaurant that keeps you away from noises and chaos, Fast and Delicious Ubud can be a perfect place to eat. This restaurant is located in Tegalalang, which is one of the most peaceful parts of Ubud’s rural areas. At this restaurant, you can relish its delicious pasta and pizza, among others, while enjoying the fresh air and the green scenery of the nearby terraced rice field. Based on customers’ reviews, Fast and Delicious Ubud serves the most delicious pasta and pizza in Ubud.

6. Gabah Restaurant and Bar

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If you want your family to be pampered like a royal family when enjoying the dinner, you should visit this elegant family restaurant. At this restaurant, you will be served as if you are a king. You will get the warm ceremonial reception and after you pick your seat, you will have a chance to choose all kinds of food and drink that are usually served for royalty. If you want to enjoy the traditional Balinese soup and skewered fish that you rarely find in other restaurants, have a dinner there with your family.

7. Bale Udang

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One special thing makes this family restaurant unique and worth visiting: patrons are welcomed to enjoy their meal in a hut (bale) that is floating on water to enjoy the restaurant’s specialty, which is shrimp (udang). Because each family gets their separate hut, you and your family can enjoy the luxury of privacy when enjoying the meal. Although shrimp becomes the restaurant’s specialty, you can also enjoy roasted duck and other delicious foods that this restaurant offers.

8. Ikan Restaurant and Bar

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If you happen to be in Nusa Dua with your family, Ikan Restaurant and Bar can be an excellent family restaurant to visit. The restaurant is located within the Westin Hotel Nusa Dua area. This restaurant is considered an excellent choice for a family dinner not only due to its rich and delicious menu. As a waterfront restaurant, it also offers you the beautiful scenery of the beach.

9. Dapur Bunda Ubud

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When you are looking for a family restaurant for you and your family, you want to make sure that the food that it serves is not only palatable but also safe and healthy, especially for your children. Dabur Bunda Ubud is known for its use of traditional Balinese seasonings without using any additives, such as MSG, which many people regard as unhealthy and unsafe. If you want to keep your children away from additives without causing their appetite to suffer, you can try this restaurant.

10. Gourmet Sate House Kuta

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One of the most popular foods in Bali as well as everywhere else in Indonesia is sate, which is basically skewered meat that is seasoned and roasted on smoldering charcoals. If you are looking for the best family restaurant to enjoy sate, Gourmet Sate House Kuta can be an excellent choice. This restaurant offers a variety of skewered meat dishes that will surely tickle your palate. Another perk of visiting this restaurant is that it doesn’t use artificial seasonings like MSG, so its menu is definitely perfect for your children.