10 Stunning Farmhouse Dining Room Design Ideas

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If you are looking for top 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas to get you inspired, you’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, there have been a lot of modern homes that introduce farmhouse style in a stunning and totally trendy design. Now that you are here, you must have been aware of that.

A farmhouse style usually uses antiques, wooden furniture and involves natural tones. Lighting becomes another important feature to bring the farmhouse look into your design. To help you get more inspiration of how to design a farmhouse dining room, here are the top 10 most stunning ideas that you can take into account.

1. Farmhouse Dining Room with a Simple Three-Color Scheme

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Combining three natural colors to your design can make up your dining room to have a fresh country look. In this case, you can embrace your dining room with a shade of white, light olive green, and brown to create an inviting, gorgeous space to dine together with your family. 

Besides, you can also hang a candlestick chandelier over a spindle leg dining table as the focal point of the room. You can match the dining table with a two-seater bench to provide extra space for seating. Then, you can also bring two eccentric ladder-back chairs and two soft side chameleon chairs to add more style to your dining room.

2. An Artistic Farmhouse Dining Room with Bold Contrast

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This is another one of the 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas that you should look to. You can leave the wall painted in white and bring a matching long wooden table to the area. In addition to several wooden and metal chairs, you can add a long bench to provide extra space for all family members.

To complete the look, you can set a unique centerpiece on the table. For example, a centerpiece that incorporates produces like pumpkin in some different sizes can make a perfect style for your farmhouse dining room. To style the empty wall, you can mount canned greenery on the wall for a spark of color.

3. Farmhouse Dining Area with a Touch of Class

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Just because you design a farmhouse dining room doesn’t mean you cannot introduce something classy and elegant to the area. Instead of antique pendant lighting, you can go for three ballroom chandeliers to hang over the dining table. For the chairs, you can opt for rustic whitewashed metal bistro style to bring a classic touch to the dining room.

4. Farmhouse Dining Room with Modern Flair

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When it comes to the 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas, you should know that your dining area can showcase both modern and vintage style at the same time. If you already have a modern dining room, there’s no need to swap every single thing in your room to make it into inviting farmhouse dining area.

Instead, you can bring line or cotton fibers, pewter highlights, articulated wooden spindles, and brilliant sparkling glass to hint a vintage-inspired touch to your dining room. On the other hand, you can leave the wall and ceiling as it used to be. By doing so, you will have a harmonious design that mixes modern and vintage in perfection. 

5. A Warm Rustic Design with Antique Appeal

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Combining far Eastern elements with artistic ideas of warm rustic design, your farmhouse dining room will appear gorgeous and inviting. Instead of using usual wooden chairs, match the rustic dining table with a kind of sofa chair. To add style to your dining table, you can add an antique vase of flowers as a centerpiece.

6. Unique Dining Area with Diverse Chairs

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If you are still reading these 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas, we have a unique idea that you can apply to your dining area. Rather than setting up matching chairs around the table, you should consider employing some different straight-back wooden chairs to create a unique dining area in your home.

7. A Simple Farmhouse Dining Room with Vintage-Inspired Accents

Source : Ye Rin Mok/architecturaldigest.com

A sense of openness and clean lines are always a winning combination for designing a dining room. To create this sense, you can set up the dining table and chair against the windows and let them be the only furniture around. It will be better if you have a spacious area to have a roomy dining space.

Instead of setting up cross back chairs only, you can pair them with soft-tufted parson’s chairs to present more style to your dining space. For the table, you can choose a butcher-block one with a center rail. Besides, you can also add a sentimental wall hanging and a lovely wooden centerpiece to beautify the room.

8. Basic Farmhouse Dining Area with Rustic Décor

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This is another one of the 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas that you can look to. In a full while walls and ceilings dining space, you can splash a color by adding a red country table in the area. You can keep the cross back chairs in white and set the furniture above natural fiber rug. 

9. A Clean, White Dining Room with Vintage Charm

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If you have a small space for your kitchen and dining room, an open floor plan is always a perfect choice. You can keep the color scheme in minimal by incorporating all white style with natural wooden color. For the dining table, you can opt for a round wooden table to save more space.

10. A Country-Inspired Look with Simple Décor

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A butcher block dining table is a staple when it comes to a farmhouse dining room. For the decoration, you can hang a lantern chandelier over the table and produce centerpiece on the table. Moreover, you can also create a wall décor made of trays and plates to introduce a delightful look.

That’s all the top ideas for creating a beautiful and inviting farmhouse dining room. Most of the ideas above are simple and can be employed easily in your home. They are also suitable for a redesigning project to refresh your old dining area. Finally, we hope you like these 10 stunning farmhouse dining room design ideas.