10 Healthiest Food for Diet Program

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A healthiest diet food may be a list of balanced nutrient foods with levels that area unit adjusted by the body’s desires daily. This menu is not only for those who want to take care of their bodies, but for everyone who wants to live healthy.

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To get the maximum benefit, your healthy diet must contain a variety of essential nutrients that are needed by the body. Essential nutrition is a nutrient that cannot be produced by the body itself, so it must be fulfilled by eating foods that contain these nutrients.

The body’s formation process will be faster if you pay attention to the food you want to consume. It is better to avoid foods that contain carbohydrates and fats that are too high. Thus, that the body shape is maintained. In addition, exercise regularly to help you lose weight and build muscle.

The Importance of Nutrition that Must Be in the Healthy Diet Menu

Every day, the body needs to be given an intake consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, various vitamins and minerals, and water to support its performance.

Therefore, here is a menu of healthy foods suitable for diet programs:

1. Vegetable / Mushroom Omelet’s

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It consists of two boiled eggs and boiled broccoli (one small bowl). You can also process the eggs into vegetable omelets or mushroom omelets. How to make vegetable omelets or mushroom omelets is very easy. Shake two eggs manually then add a thinly sliced vegetable or mushroom and stir again until blended. Add enough salt and stir again. Heat the Teflon and give one teaspoon of cooking oil. After the oil is hot, pour the mixed egg mixture with the vegetable / mushroom on the Teflon which contains a little hot oil. Cook the omelets until both sides of the omelets are cooked.

2. Banana and Oatmeal

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You who are in a healthy diet should always be available at home such oatmeal. The taste of oatmeal is indeed tasteless, but by mixing banana slices on top, it tastes even more delicious. Besides being healthy, these foods are also cheap, filling, and easy to serve. Bananas and oatmeal are perfect for breakfast before you are going to work

3. Red Rice and Sauteed Vegetables

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You really want to eat rice, but are you on a diet? Who said that you who are on a diet should not consume rice? You may consume rice, only the rice you consume is not ordinary rice, but brown rice which is rich in complex carbohydrate content. Complete one of your red rice bowls with sauteed fresh vegetables.

4. Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Photo by Travis Yewell on Unsplash

Are you a vegetable and fruit lover? Aside from being processed as a juice drink, other preparations and fruit are fresh salads with fresh mayonnaise sauce. You may use various types of vegetables and fruit as the main ingredients of salads. Just say cabbage, lettuce, apples, avocados, grapes, and bananas. Cut all the ingredients above and pour the mayonnaise sauce on top. Don’t forget to sprinkle the sesame seeds or chop the almonds and olive oil on top. This breakfast menu will definitely make your body feel fresher and healthier.

5. Pears and Spinach

Photo by Maksim Shutov on Unsplash

The lunch menu is more complete, serve juice at the dinner table. This time juice is not ordinary juice, but green juice which is a blend of pears and spinach. This juice is very nice and good, especially if added with lemon juice.

Besides being used as a complementary menu, this juice can also be used as a snack if you are starving before lunch time arrives. This menu is a favorite menu of vegans in the world. Please try if you are interested in becoming a vegan.

6. Almond and Oregano Nuts

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The combination of almonds and oregano are also right for your healthy diet. Oregano is a plant that is still cognate with mint leaves. Oregano contains calcium, vitamin K, fiber, and other organic compounds that are good for digestion. It Coupled with the low calories found in almonds. Guaranteed, fat in the body will not increase much.

7. Sandwiches and Green Paprika

It can add pieces of green pepper to the recipes of the sandwich with vegetables and tomatoes. Green peppers are very good for diet and reducing cholesterol levels in the body. For those of you, who have problems with fat deposits in certain parts consume green peppers regularly so that the fat is quickly lost.

8. Apple

Photo by Benjamin Wong on Unsplash

Apples are one of the fruits that most people like when on a diet. This red or green fruit does have good nutritional properties and can help your efforts in reducing weight scales. In one small apple or around 85 grams, only 50 calories contain 12 grams of carbohydrates.

While the fiber contained in it is water soluble fiber that works to make you hold hungry longer. This means, you can make apples as a distraction for healthy diet foods between meals, so as to prevent you from consuming excessive amounts of food. Apples also have a low level of glycemic index, hence it’s safe for those of you who have diabetes, but want to control your weight.

9. Egg white

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Sometime egg whites are eaten by people as a healthy diet menu. Not like egg yolks, egg whites are containing high protein but low in fat, so they are suitable as food for your diet.

Yeah, only 100 grams egg white contain 10.9 grams of protein. It is about 0.17 grams for body. Because it is low in fat, you do not need to worry about this food will increase the fat deposits in the body. Plus, this healthy diet has no glycemic index value; because it has no carbohydrate content. Therefore, diabetics can safely consume egg white.

Even though it’s low in fat, you should consume it in sufficient quantities and according to your needs. Do not forget; vary the egg white with other healthy diet menus, thus your nutritional intake is still fulfilled.

10. Broccoli

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You can count on Broccoli as one of the healthiest diet foods. This is because broccoli is calorie lace but rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Imagine, one glass filled with pieces of broccoli only contains 30 calories. While for fiber content, broccoli has as much as 5 grams of fiber which can help you full all day.

Not only that, in people with diabetes, this type of vegetable can help control blood sugar levels. Hence, eating broccoli as much as possible also will not make your blood sugar rise.