Home Furnishing and Decor Tips for Your New House

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Home furnishing and decor is the first thing you need to plan when you move to a new house. A good design for the decoration will create the best nuance you need in your new house. For that reason, we have several tips here that will help you to do the decoration and furnishing easier. Mostly, you will need to get new items and start everything from zero. 

Planning the Items

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The first thing you need to do is planning the items you are going to place in your new house. Consider which old items you will keep from your old house. Then, you can sell the old items you don’t need. For replacement, you can buy the new items to replace that. 

Remember, a new home means you have a chance to throw the item that you don’t like. You also have more chances to create a new appearance or atmosphere in your new home. So, do not hesitate and let yourself free to choose and expand your creativity to create the looks that you want. One more important thing, get the new items from the reliable store. It means you get the best-quality product worth money you spent.

Best Part to Start

You may have a problem to find which items, decoration or furniture you need to get or place first in your new house. Actually, it is easy, though. You can always start with the basics. Here is the order you can use to decor and furnishing your new home.

  • Walls – choose the paint color, repair the damage.
  • Floors – replace the carpet and add new flooring (new carpet or wooden floor).
  • Appliances – choose new appliances for your kitchen or bathroom. Maybe, you should buy the new one rather than bring your old appliances. Appliances relate to its functionality. The old one tends to have lower performance than the new one. 
  • Tiling – do retile if it is necessary (bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash, and kitchen countertop).

Some of the furnishing and decorating we mentioned above can be done in the DIY style. However, you might have to call professional service to install the item, such as kitchen appliances or replacing and installing the new flooring.

Buy the Decoration and Furnishing

Once you plan it out, design home that you like and know what kind of item you want, you can buy the items. However, you can’t just find any items on your list in the store and buy it. The most important thing in this plan is buying it from the most important room or the room you are going to use first or more. 

Generally, the first room you need to decor first is the living room and bedroom. These two rooms are used a lot by your family. You need to rest and sleep, right? Therefore, having a comfortable bedroom first in your new home is an important thing to do. Then, the living room will become the place where you and your family members spend most of the time together to talk and discuss. 

If necessary, you can even use this room to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, while your dining room still in the decorating process. The living room is a multi-function room that every house has. Therefore, you can get a lot of benefits if you finish the home furnishings and decor stage in this room first.

Organize Your Things

When you arrive at your new house, you also need to keep in mind that organized items you are going to use for decoration or furnishing are important. As we mentioned above, you need to do it in order. So, organizing the items you are going to use first for the room you use more help you to finish this process faster. Moreover, you also don’t need to worry about missing items, if you do it this way. 

For the new items you bought, maybe you still need to wait for it to be delivered to your new place. Therefore, you have time to organize the items you use. And, once it has arrived, you can start to add it to the room where you planned to put it.


Decorating and furnishing your house is not difficult if you follow the steps and tips we explained above. Consult it with your family members and professionals to find out the design and items that will look great in your house. Then, make a sketch if you want to help you easily find out how it will look like in the actual room. Buy all the items and install them.  

One more thing, the budget is also important. Mostly, you will need to spend up to $5,000 for a complete set of decoration and furnishing items. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore, if you move to a new house. Use our home furnishings and decor tips and you won’t have any problem.