How To Be A Smart Woman In Family?

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We know that our mother has many duties in a family. Many people said that the woman in a family should become a good woman. In some of the views, a good woman means that creative, smart and helpful characteristics. In this article, there is the information about how to be a smart woman the family as follow:

1. Having A High Empathy

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In the basic character of a woman, she has a sensitive feeling more than men. Those the reason why women have a calm character and high empathy. She usually knows and understands people’s feelings, so she can feel the other position from many people. Although she has independence and strong character, she has a calm character.

2. Adult Characteristic

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A smart woman has adult characteristics. She knows many more what the good and bad. When we find some problems, she can find the solve wisely. She can decide a good solution without emotion thinking. Therefore, she can find the solution way with her method, for example when she educates her children and she talks with her husband about the financial, families’ problems and the other cases the home.

3. Decide From The Other View

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Deciding some people’s view is one of the characteristics of a smart woman. She can make wise and calm thinking before she takes the decision. She know that take the decision emotionally can make regret. 

She can take the decision logically to look at the point of view from many persons, but she uses her truth in his heart for making the decision. In many cases, many factors that can not be seen by them, so a woman should take the solution to depend on other people’s problem.

4. Accepting The Critics And Comments Wisely

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A smart woman also accepts many kinds of comments from many people wisely. She usually thinks that comment critically can build her motivation. She knows how to make the introspection about herself from the correction of some comments from many people. She also knows what the character should be corrected and be improved. It is one of the ways to respond to the comment.

5. Making The Introspection About Their Self

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Human has never been stopped for learning life. A smart woman should find a way to increase the quality of the behavior of a person. It means that the qualities are not only from the self characteristics but also from the capability. 

Within the character, a woman can survive and the capability makes the woman increase the qualities. Therefore, women should not arrogant to other people.

6. Reach The Dream

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Smart women have the motivation to reach their dream. She always finds a way to reach her destination to make the dream comes true. Although she is a woman, she should have a good priority to make a good achievement, for example, make a business, to be a successful entrepreneur and success mother.

7.Face The Many Problems With Strong 

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It means that smart women have the idea to solve the problems, so she makes some ideas to find an alternative way. She can use some way or the alternative to survive from many problems. She has a good response to the process of the problems.

She has never been to run away from many problems but she still outstanding in the face many problems that come to her families. 

8. She Can Educate Their Children Well In The Home  

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When a woman has a high background degree, she can learn together with her children. She can understand what the children need and the children want, so she can make good interactive with her children. As she becomes a good mother, she can use a role as the teacher, friends, and parents for their children. Background of the education formal is one of the important support for the smart woman.

9. Be Creative

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A smart woman should become a character person. She should change the big problem to be a good solution, for example when the children hate to eat the vegetables and fruits, she can modify the modification food from the vegetables and fruit such as the vegetable cookies, fruit jelly, and the others. 

10. Updating The Information

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Nowadays, to become a smart woman, she should update the information in the digital era. You should know that anything procedure and the other steps that relate to the home can be found in some resources on the internet, for example, to make simple breakfast and the equipment of home from the recycle things. 

Besides, when the children have the passion to play the games, she can find the update fun games that make it friendly for the children, so she can play it with her children.

11. Having Good Socialize

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A  good woman is not only smart but also has good socialize. She becomes a more smart woman if she has good interaction and relationship with family and the other people. 

In family, smart women should become the best friend for her husband and her children. Besides, she should have good interaction with all the families. In the implementation, she can adapt any situation with the kinds of a character home.

12. Multitasking

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It is the special passion of the smart woman that can be had with the men. Some people know that all the women have the multitasking capability for example, she can cook, wash, doing anything activities the home quickly and appropriately. Although a carrier woman, she still can educate her children well. 

However, it is the complicated duties that can be done by all of the men, so the women have a smart basic character in her passion.

Those the reason why we should not underestimate the capability of the women’s skill. She can become a strong and independent person when she effort to find a solution for her family.  In my opinion, a smart woman is not only a clever and brilliant but also respectful dan love with her family.