How to Smooth Your Face in 10 Ways Naturally

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To make your face whiten and smooth naturally, you should make the natural masker give white and smooth on your face naturally. Here! You should read those steps as the following:

1. Scrub With Orange Peel

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It is easy to make orange peel masker with some steps as follow:

  • Drying orange the sunrise till the orange peel becomes dry.
  • Mash the dried orange peel with the grinder machine or blender.
  • After it has become a powder, pour it into the bowl.
  • Add it within liquid milk till the texture to be glutinous like a paste.
  • Spread the masker start from your face till neck for a long 30 minutes.
  • Wash the masker on your face till to be clean.
  • Make this treatment at your home in routine time and you should use the regular time. 

2. Using Tea Waste

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The people in Indonesia, usually drink the tea in each moment. Most of them give the tea for the meeting or serve the guest. Besides, you should not waste the remainder of the tea because it has the function to make natural masker with the steps as follow:

  • Mix the waste of the tea with the little water.
  • Spread it on your face for five minutes.
  • Wash your face with the warm water regularly. 

The function of the waste tea to remove the black flecks. Besides, it can remove the dust in your face caused by the pollutant. Besides, the effect of tea waste is dried to remain skin on your face. If you use this masker routine, your face skin will become white and glow. That reason why you should try these steps at your home.

3. Make Papaya Masker

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You know that papaya is a kind of fruit which has the function to accelerate the function of the metabolism.  Actually, papaya has the other function to your skin face. The benefit of papaya for your skin as the following:

  • It has the function to make the white and smooth your face naturally.
  • The enzyme at this fruit has the benefit as the antibacterial function.
  • To get the maximum benefit, you can mix the papaya mash and yogurt then you can spread it in all your face. Before you use this masker, you can wash your face first.

Besides, the vitamin A, that are contained in papaya, It can remove the black flecked.

4. Blend White Egg And Banana

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You can make this natural masker in your home. This masker can be made with the steps as following:

  • Take half of the banana and blend it smoothly.
  • Add an egg and take the white egg part.
  • Blend it them smoothly and spread it on your face. 
  • You can rest your face for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face till be clean.

Banana has the content of vitamin B, B6, C, magnesium, and phosphorus to give the white effect to your face naturally. The protein in the white egg can make the skin cell reborn. 

5. Put The Slice Of Potato

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The next step to give white and smooth your face naturally, you can give put the slice of potatoes. This step can that can be practiced by you as follow:

  • Peel the potato and slice it. 
  • Put the sliced potatoes submerged in the clean of water.
  • Then you can put in on your face from 10 till 30 minutes before you sleep. 
  • Wash your face with clean water.

The potatoes have the content of vitamins and nutritions such as vitamin A, C phosphorus, protein and fiber that give the moist and nutritions for your skin.

6. Milk Masker

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Fresh milk has the function to make the reborn of your skin cell. This is the way to make fresh milk for your skin as the following:

  • Pour the fresh milk into the bowl.
  • Immerse the cloth into the fresh milk then you can press this cloth.
  • You can use this application of the cloth on your face.

Let’s do this step regularly into your face become bright and white naturally.

7. Use Ice Cube

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Implement for using an ice cube on your face. Ice cube has the function to expedite the blood circulation and protect it from the anti-aging. You can make this step as below:

  • Wash your face with the clean water first.
  • Use a hand clove so you can hold the ice cube directly.
  • Put the layer of ice cube within the cloth. Don’t take the ice cube on your face directly because it can make your face freeze.
  • Don’t make this treatment over one hour because it can make the burnt effect for your face skin.

You can threat this way before you sleep.

8. Spread Your Face Within  The Olive Oil

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It’s a simple way to use it. You only take some drops of olive oil in your hand. Use this olive oil for your face skin like using blush on for your face. You should know that olive oil has rich vitamins and nutritions such as vitamin E and K for making your face skin to be smooth, moist and white naturally.

9. Tomato Slice

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You can use the tomato slice as the application of the natural masker as the following steps:

  • Slice one of the tomato.
  • Put the slice of tomato on your face. 
  • Rest your face for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face with  the clean of water, 

It has the function to make your face become glow because it has vitamin C and E.

10. Spread With The Blend Of Lemon And Butter

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You can implement the masker from lemon and butter with the following step as below:

  • Take a spoon of lemon extract and a spoon of honey.
  • Blend and mix those ingredients.
  • Spread it on your face and rest during 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with clean water.
  • Lemon has rich vitamin C. It does not only give the brightening for your skin but also gives the elasticity for your skin texture.

It is a simple and cheaper way to treat your face. You should not pay some costs to go to an aesthetic clinic center.