How to stimulate the baby’s brain during pregnancy?

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The left or right brain requires balanced stimulation so that its functions can develop optimally. Psychologists assess, if stimulation is done in a balanced manner, not only the element of intelligence that will increase, but the personality of the child in the future.

Examples of stimulating the left and right brains of which are when breastfeeding listen to a good song and touch the baby softly. Invite the baby to talk even though he can’t answer the words of his mother or father. Song melodies will stimulate the baby’s right brain, while song lyrics can stimulate the left brain.

The latest research says there are many other substances found in the brain, especially in the outermost layer of the brain, namely sialic acid which is also contained in breast milk. The function of sialic acid is to help improve memory abilities and learning processes in children. Of course this ability affects his intelligence. But according to Dwi Putro, brain growth and development is influenced by various factors. That is, not only certain nutritional substances that have a dominant role for the brain’s developing body.

The stimulation of intelligence in infants is not only mandatory after the baby is born. Intelligence stimulation in infants must also be done when the gestational age reaches six months. Because that’s when the brain cells begin to grow rapidly. Likewise, baby intelligence stimulation is done until the baby reaches the age of 3 years. Stimulation since in the womb (gestational age reaches 6 months) can be done in various ways:

1. Actively talking to babies

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Gently talk to the fetus so that the baby in the stomach knows you as a loving mother. Also, introduce the voice of the father by asking father to speak at a distance close to the mother’s stomach.

2. Storytelling

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Be active in speaking so that your baby knows a variety of new vocabulary even though the baby is still in the womb and doesn’t know the meaning.

3. Sing

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Sing every day, so that your baby can hear the sound of your singing. A mother’s song is believed to calm the heart. For example, by singing the prayer of the Prophet, spiritual songs, or slow songs.

4. Smelling the stomach

Swabs on the mother’s abdomen were also able to stimulate children’s intelligence. To get external stimulation, a mother should rub her hands on the pregnant stomach. Besides being able to calm the fetus, it also gives a sign that the world has been waiting for him with intimate speeches from both his parents and family.

5. Pray

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Take your time to pray. Pray by saying prayers (not only in the heart). It is also very important to stimulate the intelligence of the child, especially his spiritual intelligence. In Islam, prayer is the only medium to ask Allah Almighty.

6. Eat nutritious food

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As long as the baby is in the womb (6 months’ gestation), eat nutritious foods, especially those that can trigger the growth of the child’s brain. These foods include protein, carbohydrates and fat. Also foods that contain lots of vitamins, for example foods that contain vitamins B1, B6, folic acid, iodine, iron, zinc, AA, DHA, and others.

7. Reducing stress

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Stress can interfere with the growth of baby’s intelligence. So during pregnancy reaches six months, don’t work too much. Avoid jobs that can boost your stress level. If you feel stressed, a baby who is still in the womb can feel it. This can hamper the intelligence of the baby.

8. Doing fun activities

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So that pregnant women do not feel stressed, of course a mother needs to do things that are fun for herself and her future baby. For example, if he likes to play or listen to music, do this activity so that you and your baby feel happy. The excitement that you feel can also spur the baby’s intelligence.

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