A Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan For Beginners

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In the last decade, a Mediterranean diet menu is the popular consumer lifestyle that has a health method to implement a good lifestyle. This method is discovered in the Mediterranean Sea which is located around Italian and Greece. With this Mediterranean style, cardiovascular disease is decreasing. Those the reason why you should know the information about the Mediterranean menu.

1. A Short History Background From the Mediterranean Diet Menu

Mediterranean diet menu
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Before you understand this information, you should know the short history of the Mediterranean menu background. It has implemented by some people since the 1960s. This method is applied by them based on traditional food from Greece and Italian.

2. A Characteristic Of Frequencies Mediterranean Diet Menu

Mediterranean diet menu
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A Mediterranean diet menu has some main foods which have completed carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin and antioxidant from seeds, roots, fruits, and vegetables. Besides, it also has completed protein and good fat such as filled meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Those are included in the Mediterranean menu style, but those are consumed in enough frequencies. Many people said that this menu has a balance contains food nutrition and this menu starts from carbohydrate, protein, mineral, vitamin, and fat. Therefore, many people choose the Mediterranean menu as a good lifestyle to keep their health.

Daily Consumption

It has been served on various frequency every day. The kinds of food which can be consumed every day such as vegetable and fruit, oil, olive oil, seeds, peanuts and the other species that can be used for food seasoning. Besides, daily consumption is consists of the main carbohydrates such as whole wheat, roots, cereal, rice, and pasta. If you consume it every day, you can be healthy with the Mediterranean diet menu.

A Daily Consumption With The Medium Frequency

It can be consumed every day and every week within too much frequency. For example, one time in a day or more times in a day. This food includes this frequency group, for example, poultry, milk, egg, and the product from yogurt and cheese. You can consume buttermilk and dairy milk.

A Weeks Consumption

It is a kind of food group which is served and consumed two and three times a week. One of the examples is the kinds of fish. Those kinds of fish are sea fishes. In addition, seafood is the kind of food that contains fish and other seafood. You can eat them in one or two in a week when you have another activity.

A Month Consumption

The next group is a month’s consumption that can be consumed once or three times per month. An example from this classification is red meat. To less your sweet food, you can do it step by step. The frequency to eat sweet food, such as cake, candy, or the other are one or two times a month. Avoiding it is a better way to give preventive good health for our bodies.

You can less to consume sweet food, for example, soda drinks, ice cream. Besides, you can less to consume flour food, for example, bread and pasta.

3. The Sources Of The Used Consumption

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A Mediterranean diet menu is gotten from many kinds of food resources. The consumption is limited based on frequency in more times. You should choose the best health nutrition food. In this information, you should know some kinds of food nutrition which make you be healthy.


There are many health Mediterranean foods such as broccoli, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, water spinach, and others.


you can eat some fruits such as apple, orange, banana, melon, grape, strawberry, watermelon, and pear. You should choose some fruits which it has high fiber.


Then you can choose some food from seeds classification such as whole wheat, brown rice, a whole oat, whole corn, bread, pumpkin seeds, rice, and pasta.

Fishes And Seafood

You can eat salmon fish, mackerel, tuna, crabs, shrimps, shell, squids and the other fishes.


You choose chicken, duck, pigeon, rooster or the other kinds.

Red Meat

You can consume it but just a little frequency, for example, lamb, cow or goat meat.


There are some kinds of eggs that you can eat such as egg, quail and duck egg.

Milk And Their Composition

You can eat some food made from milk such as yogurt and cheese.

The Spice And Seasoning

If you eat a Mediterranean diet menu foods, such as garlic, onion, mints, peppers, chilies, cinnamon.

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4. The Steps To Implement Mediterranean Diet Menu

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In the next information, it describes the steps to implement a Mediterranean diet menu for you. Therefore, you should know the steps to make your body become healthier with this step as the following.

Don’t Change Your Menu Suddenly

If you want to change your food into a Mediterranean menu, it’s a good way. However, don’t change all your menu directly. You can change your menu step by step. You know that Mediterranean Food does not give the limitation to eat many resources food, so it is easy to change your menu step by step.

It is difficult for beginners to change an unusual menu into the Mediterranean menu suddenly. To decide those solutions, you should less a frequency menu that has a risk for your health, for example, red meat, sugar, and frozen food. If you start to take the Mediterranean Lifestyle, you can less risk food little by little. In the solution way, you can eat 4 red meats start now, then you should eat 3 red meats tomorrow, so you can less to eat it one by one per day.

Change Your Snack

If you usually eat snacks such as crackers, french fries, chocolate, and chips, you can change it with some vegetables and fruits. Probably, it very heavy for you who start this Mediterranean style. Those reasons why you should change your snack step by step.

In the beginning schedule, you can change your menu to eat one package of chips and two fruits. Next, you can eat some pieces of chips and eat two fruits and vegetables. In developing times, you can less to eat chips and eat some fruits and vegetables. It is a good recommendation for the Mediterranean Style beginner. You also change your snack such as chocolate and candy with fruit salads with the peanut toppings. Give the different topping! It is the solution if you feel bored to eat the Mediterranean Menu.

Transform Your Seasoning Food From Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Into The Some Of Natural Spices

If you cook the foods within monosodium glutamate (MSG), you can change the seasoning food with the natural recipe such as garlic, onion, ginger, pepper, chilies, coriander. To add the sweet for your food, you can give Stevia leaves as the natural sweetener. Besides, you can add natural sweets such as honey and corn sugar.

How to give a taste of the chicken? You can make broth from the bones of chicken which is given with boiling water, so you should not buy an instant seasoning with chicken essence. However, you should give the limitation frequency to consume the food with have broth seasoning, so you can life health.

Replacement The Carbohydrate In Your Food

In Indonesian, Japan, Indian and the other country in Asian, they usually consume rice is the main food for the carbohydrate composition. You can replace this carbohydrate in rice with roast potatoes, roots, whole wheat, and cassava.

Avoid Trans Bad Fat In A Cooking Oil

When you plan to implement a Mediterranean diet menu for beginner, you should reduce the using of cook oil, butter, and the others with the olive oil. Olive oil is an effective way to use it as the alternative of cooking oil and butter. You can eat a roasted vegetable with olive oil when you dinner.

Less The Frequency Of Red Meat

If you are a beginner to plan a Mediterranean diet menu, you can replace it within poultry. Therefore, you should reduce the frequency to eat red meat and change it with roast filled chicken. You can use olive oil with roast filled chicken.

However, you should give the limitation to eat poultry each week. The limitation is referred to give the standard frequency to consume poultry. After your success with less to consume red meat, you can consume fishes and chicken. A chicken or fish should be filled and cooked with olive oil.

Add The Limitation To Consume Fat From Milk

In a Mediterranean diet menu, you can press the limitation to consume fat from milk. You can consume skim milk and cheese with low-fat composition. If you buy skim milk or cheese, you should see the ingredients from the milk or cheese.

Consume The Protein With Egg

To get high protein which is contained in some foods, you can choose egg as your food. You should make eggs without trans fat, for example boiling egg and omelet with olive oil. An egg is a part to complete the healthy food. A researcher said that cholesterol to increase blood lipids. It can decrease inflammation.

5. Benefit From Mediterranean Diet Menu

Mediterranean diet menu
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You know that a Mediterranean diet menu has some benefits for our health. Those benefits are showed in this article as the following:

Get Some Nutritions For Our Body

An important rule to implement the Mediterranean diet is not to consume fast foods. Its rules give the benefit to our body because fast food has a chemical composition which gives a bad effect on our bodies such as a chemical sweetener, benzoate and monosodium glutamate.

Decrease Your Weight Safely

With the Mediterranean method, it is a good way to decrease your weight. Diet with the Mediterranean style is safe for our bodies. It is important to consume with completed nutrition food, so you have balanced nutrition in your body.

It has a good method to consume all nutrition. It is not only a vitamin, mineral but also enough high protein to make you are not feeling hungry. Besides, good fat is important to make energy in your body, so your body is not weak and tired when you have some activities.

Makes Our Heart To Be Health

You keep your health with this menu. It can decrease the risks of your heart disease. The Food menu from the Mediterranean style has a good protein and good fat, for example using olive oil. Olive oil contains ALA or alpha-linolenic acid. This essence is able to decrease the disease heart risk into 30 percent.

Prevent Your Body From Cancer

Mediterranean diet makes our body to absorb some Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. The Antioxidant is the active substances that can keep the preventive from the cancer cell. Besides, Antioxidants that are consumed while you implement the Mediterranean menu can keep your DNA cel. It can decrease the inflammation that is gotten from cancer cell reaction.

Prevent Your Body From Diabetes

It is a warning if you still consume the food which has high glucose and carbohydrate. The Mediterranean diet menu is the best choice to limit the supply carbohydrate of your food. To make the complement, you should eat which is contain good and fat protein. This diet method is able to balance glucose composition in your blood. Those the reason why it is a natural treatment to prevent your body from diabetes.

Relax And Makes Good Mood

The Mediterranean diet makes a good mood for our minds. Mood swing is caused by some factors such as problems, duties or hormones. You can solve it by taking the Mediterranean Menu. Dr. Axe said that the Mediterranean diet menu can increase your mood to be good.

Prevent To Get The Parkinson Problems

Parkinson is a disease that makes some people worried about this problem. It attacks the neural cognitive system, so the body will uncontrolled. To solve this problem, the Mediterranean diet menu is the best choice for the threat. With consume many protein and good fat, you can keep the health of your neural system.

Getting A Long Age

If you want to have a long age in your life, you can choose a Mediterranean Menu. Based on the nutrition foods from a Mediterranean Menu, a researcher said that olive oil can be threat some of the chronic diseases such as heart, lungs, stroke, depression, cancer, inflammation and the cognitive system.

6. Do it Yourself

Mediterranean diet menu that can implement in your home for four days.

  • In day-1

At breakfast time, you can drink milk and eat oatmeal.
At lunchtime, you can eat a sandwich egg with some vegetables.
At dinner time, you can eat Tuna Fish that is fried within olive oil.

  • In day-2

At breakfast time, you can eat a slice of fruit and drink plain yogurt.
At lunchtime, red beans soup within brown rice.
At dinner time, omelet with vegetables.

  • In day-3

At breakfast time, you can oatmeal and banana.
At lunchtime, fillet chicken soybean with onion and brown rice.
At dinner time, you can eat vegetable salad and olive oil.

  • In day-4

At breakfast time, you can eat tomato juice and omelet with vegetables.
At lunchtime, roasted meat and potatoes.
At dinner time, strawberry yogurt within a slice of fruit.

For the other days, you can change the menu based on the Mediterranean menu procedure. It can be concluded that it has a different menu each time. You can eat oatmeal with fruit topping every morning. In the lunchtime, you can consume seeds and roots. When the night comes, you can make a dinner roast fish and two slices of fruits.

7. The Example Cake Recipes For Mediterranean Diet Menu

Mediterranean diet menu
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Mediterranean Cake In Jar

You can take ingredients such as:

  • Yogurt low-fat fruit as much 6 ounces.
  • Slices of raspberry as much a half cup.
  • Two slices of blueberry as much a quarter cup.
  • Slices of strawberry as much a cup.
  • Two spoons of granola.

The steps to make it as the following:

  • Take a jar.
  • Add a spoon of yogurt as the board of a jar.
  • Next, add slices of strawberry.
  • Then layered it with a spoon of yogurt again.
  • Add granola and layer it with yogurt again.
  • Then add it with the slice raspberry and blueberry.
  • Finally, keep your cake in the refrigerator for a minute.

Mediterranean Diet Pancake

You should prepare the ingredients such as:

  • Take yogurt low-fat as much 1,5 cup.
  • An egg.
  • A cup of buckwheat flour.
  • A milk fat-free as many three-quarters of a cup.

The steps to make this pancake as the following:

  • First, spread a pan with the olive oil.
  • Next, mix all the ingredients into the spread well.
  • Change sugar with honey. If you want to get cheaper, you can use brown sugar.
  • After cook, you can give flavor from honey and fruit topping on this pancake.

Therefore, a Mediterranean diet menu is a simple and healthy menu. You can implement this lifestyle step by step. Change your lifestyle right now if you want to get good quality health in your future!