5 of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started with No Experience

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Some of the most successful entrepreneurs become who they are right now just after doing well in another career. They probably mastered work as an executive officer or a consultant and utilized these skills to develop their own enterprise. On the other hand, there are some others who started their business with almost no experience.

Entrepreneurs Who Started with No Experience

It is highly possible for entrepreneurs to start a business without experience. In fact, there have been a lot of samples for this case. For instance, instead of gaining money through investor funding or crowdfunding, some of the notable entrepreneurs raised their money by offering their possessions or simply using resources they had.

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started with No Experience

Instead of relying on experience to affect their choices, these following of most successful entrepreneurs learned on the fly throughout some trials and errors. If you want to get closer to the real stories of these successful entrepreneurs, here are some of the best examples that you can look to.

Andrew Carnegie

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You may be familiar with Andrew Carnegie’s name since he is one of the most well-known and wealthiest industrialists of all time. Nevertheless, he did not build up his wealth as a consequence of a business-charged background or formal education. He dropped out of school when he was young and spent his teenage life performing manual labor.

John Paul DeJoria

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For most people, John Paul DeJoria’s name might not be familiar. However, you must have ever indulged in several beauty products attached to this name. He is now a multi-billionaire and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern history. Before building his empire, DeJoria started as a newspaper courier.

Harland Sanders

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It might be crazy to think someone who can be a successful restauranteur with no background in the industry, but that is what Harland Sanders did. When he began his line of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, his only experience was cooking for his siblings when he was young and working at some odd jobs.

Joyce Hall

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The founder or Hallmark Cards, Joyce Hall, didn’t come from a broad background of writing greeting cards. He didn’t have much experience as a businessman as well. However, he can become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. He started his business wholesaling postcards to bookstores and gift shops.

Jan Koum

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Jan Koum may not get as much attention or press as other tech company founders, but his success story is both impressive and surprising. Koum left Ukraine to live in California with his family. He did not get much of an education, but he managed to learn computer science. Then, he is now known as the creator of WhatsApp.

In conclusion, these success stories can be a proof that it is not impossible to get by with no experience. Perhaps, these stories offer inspiration for you do start your own. However, you should always remember to plan to enter a business. As a result, you can strive to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs.