Control Yourself After Failed and Make You Never Give Up

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Achieving your goals is hard sometimes, you have to face a lot of failures that make you want to give up. Never give up is the best mantra and you have to say it over and over again. While recharging your spirit, it is also important to find out the next things to do achieve the goals. Here, we have a list of strategies that can help to get what you want after failure. 

Evaluate Your Goals

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Never give up on your goals only because you fail. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, you can start to evaluate the goals. Prepare a paper and pen and start to write the goals that you have accomplished. Write it along with the way you accomplish them. 

This activity is a good way to boost your positive mood because you are not as bad as you can imagine. You can still achieve some goals you have made. When it is done, you can prepare another paper and start to write the unaccomplished goals yet. You can write them along with the reason why you can’t achieve the goals. 

It is a good activity so you can evaluate what is wrong and what to do next. Now, you have two papers on your hands and they give you hope to be a better and successful person the next day. 

Set Goal, Reality, Options, and What Next

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You have the list of goals after writing them down in the first step. Next, you have to set the reality, options, and what to do next. Setting the reality means that you know what you have such as your skills, tools, abilities, and many more. 

The more you have those supportive elements, the bigger the chance to achieve the goals. If it is not, you may postpone the goal and focus on the real one. After that, you can set the options where you can write the possible things to do so you can reach the objectives. 

The last but not least, you also need to write what next in which it is the part to write new strategies to accomplish the objectives. 

Take Action

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It is useless if you write down all of them without taking action. While preparing yourself to take action, you can also find some inspirational quotes don’t give up. Don’t underestimate those inspirational quotes because they look like a statement that recharges your spirit when you feel down. 

For example, you can write one of the quotes from Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” It is a great quote to take action. Bring this quote anywhere and anytime, especially when you are doing something related to achieve your objectives. 

Just put in your mind that your goals are possible as long as you are doing something to get it. Another powerful quote you can write is “The greatest weakness is giving up. So, the most effective way to get successful is always to give a try one more time.” This quote is coming from Thomas Alva Edison. Edison was an inventor and he failed hundreds of times before inventing the light bulb. 

Just imagine if Edison gave up when he failed after two or three trials. It is the same case with you. Just don’t give up and try to find another way to achieve your dreams. Of course, you may write motivational quotes to never give up as many times as you want. Slowly but sure you will have the same mindset just like what successful people have done.  

Take A Break

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Never give up doesn’t mean that you work all the time without taking rest. You must take a break for a while. You can do your hobby or go to your favorite place and relax your mind and body. By relaxing your body and mind, you may get new ideas on how to pursue your dreams. 

This is because your brain is fresh and you are not in an under-pressure condition. So, just do this simple trick when your about to give up and see the great result of doing it. 

Analyze Your Action

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When you are back to the track, you can try to analyze the actions you have done. Define whether the actions are successful or failed. If it fails, you can start to think about a new strategy. It is also good to know whether successful strategies can be applied to other objectives or not. 

You may also think about doing some experiments while reaching your dream. Something challenging will boost your spirit and prevent you from getting bored and the thought of giving up.      

Define the Reason Why You Must Reaching the Objectives

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The reason why you must achieve the objective is also an important thing to consider. Let say, you have a dream to earn more money because you want to buy a house for your lovely family. Your lovely family becomes the greatest motivation for why you have to earn more money and buy a new house. 

Anytime you want to give up, you will think about the happy moment when your beloved family entering the house and enjoy their days there. After a few minutes, it seems that you get the spirit to continue your mission and talk to yourself, I will never ever give up!  

Start Small

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The stressful time in pursuing your dreams is when you think that you can do something big but you can’t. Instead of that, you can just start small as long as you can do it consistently. Just imagine that you are walking through the stairs. It is impossible to reach the top without stepping to the stairs one by one.   

So, the explanation above shows to you that you have to try to get your dream. Giving up is not an option, especially if you have a strong will and great motivation. The most important thing is that you will be a different person after reading this article. 

At least, you know how to maintain your mind after failed and loss. You can also learn the strategies to get back to the battlefield and shout loud that you will never give up!