15 Amazing Ideas Adding River Rocks To Your Home Design

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When you see the beautiful home design, you can see that there are many kinds of design home concepts around your village. We can see some of the homes which have amazing ideas. Those ideas are using adding river furniture, for example, this design as the following:

1. Kitchen Room

river rock decorative stone
Image source: homimu.com

To protect the kitchen wall from the wet season, add the layer kitchen wall with the river rocks.  Your kitchen looks amazing with the natural decoration. With this decoration, you will have a spirit to cook again. This design can be used as a good example for the other kitchen.

2. The Amazing Bedroom

river rock decorative stone
Image source: home-designing.com

You can decorate an amazing bedroom with the additional texture from river rocks. Your bedroom looks very natural and contemporary. With the amazing bedroom that is created from river rocks, you will feel comfortable in this room.

3. The Artistic Bathroom

river rock decorative stone
Image source: inquirer.com

You know that the bathroom is identic with scary and dark. You can give a bath the additional river rocks up or the floor. It will become a natural bathroom design with good sun lighting circulation from the window. You can enjoy the natural situation, so you feel relax while you take a bath. 

4. The Guest Room

river rock decorative stone
Image source: thetinylife.com

If you have the guest room that is made from additional river rocks, the room looks artistic and natural. Your guest will enjoy with your room. You can create the table room from the river rocks table. This design can make a different atmosphere.

5. Shoe Case

river rock decorative stone
Image source: cindyroy.com

You can create a shoe case from the river rocks. Your shoes look fresh and natural when you put on the board that layered on the river rocks. It looks very simple and very appropriate depend on the decoration in your home. 

6. Small Garden In Home

river rock decorative stone
Image source: kosovamanagement.com

If you want to make your home fresh and naturally. It is a good idea to build a small garden that has made from river rocks. You can create the garden floor, pot and the other decoration in the garden from the river rocks. You have the small natural ecosystem in the part of the room in your home.

7. Number Home

river rock decorative stone
Image source: homesfeed.com

You can make your number home from the river rock. It is a simple way to make it. You only compile some of the river rocks then you can take these rocks with the strong glue for making the number of your number home, so you can try it in your home. You can use a wooden board that has painted.

8. Footstep Decoration

river rock decorative stone
Image source: pixabay.com

You can make the footstep decoration from the river rocks at your home, for example, the footstep decoration at the floor of the garden and the decoration in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace and the corners of your home.  The children feel happy when they play something in the decoration of footstep. Besides, your friend, your family or your guest can take a picture to share the beautiful background on social media, especially on Instagram.

9. Imitation Cactus From The River Rocks

river rock decorative stone
Image source: homesquare.info

The ingredients are very simple such as:

  • Some of the river rocks within many kinds of shapes.
  • Small stones that have the white stone as the ascent.
  • Acrylic paint that has white colors.
  • Paintbrush.
  • A Pot that has filled by media such as ground, cotton or the seeds.

To make this imitation cactus, you can wash the river rocks first before you paint these stones.  Coloring the stone with a green basic color. You can paint it with the dark and light green . Give additional white coloring paint to make the imitation small thorn.  

Drying the stone and take the stones at the pot like the real cactus. It is suitable to support the decoration of your home.

10. A Small Fountain In The Garden

river rock decorative stone
Image source: livinator.com

You can create a small fountain in a garden that is made from river rocks. It looks very amazing design when you walk out of your door. You also relax and enjoy it when you did the activities in your home.

11. It Has The Function Of The Pots Of A Plant

river rock decorative stone
Image source: pixabay.com

You can use the element of the river rocks to make pots of a plant. You create kinds of the pot of the plants in the small garden. Therefore, the plants in your home look very natural and freshness. You can try to make it in your home.

12. Birdhouse 

river rock decorative stone
Image source: plowhearth.com

This is the decoration to your garden. It is a beautiful decoration because it makes your home more liveable and fresh when you see the atmosphere of your home. You can build it from the simple river rocks. It is an amazing design to interest some birds to come in their homes, such as pigeon or the small birds.

13. The Base For The Plate, Glass Or Teapot

river rock decorative stone
Image source: goodfellowsathome.com

To make the amazing furniture in the dining room, you can make amazing furniture from the river rocks. You can use many kinds of stone from the river, such as the black one and white ones. Besides, you can take many kinds of shape stones start from, small, big, long.

14. The Design Hanging Pot In A Terrace

river rock decorative stone
Image source: freshideen.com

To make your terrace in your home more interesting, you can make the hanging pot. You can use the wire to tight some stones and create it as the pot of the plants. It makes amazing decoration on your terrace. When your guest comes to your home, they feel fresh and calm.

15. The Bottle Lamp Light In Your Home

river rock decorative stone
Image source: bottle-lamp.com

You can use river rocks as the complement of the lamp outside your home. The lamp is not only from the bulb but also from the candle. If you use the candle lamp with the element from the river rocks, it is very natural looking. Besides, you can use the bulb if you want to feel warmer.

With the river rocks elements, you can make some decorations for your home. It is not only cheaper but also the element is easy to be found everywhere. You can try to make it with your family to implement the quality time.