Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

7 Tips to Improve Self Confidence

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NOW: Every one of us has self-esteem in our own selves. Self-esteem may be a confidence ability or self respect that as play role for everything at action. Having been a positive person for our shallownessis admittedlynecessarybecause it helps you create positive things in your way of life, brings you to be your own person, have nice relationship and assist you at nature or laborious conditions.

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BUT how DOES OUR SELF-ESTEEM had down, then made a negative effect for our confidence?

e.g.: Did you know that those peoples who feel inferior, it made them had a negative effect exactly about confidence

Low self-esteem can have harmful effects on your mental, e.g.:you are ugly face, physical defect, not too good person, not ok, have a nasty expertise within the past, short than others,terribly fat or rotund than friends, or jobless. It is not easy to like everything of the way and make down your self-esteem.

In the other hands: confidence is not walking into a room that you are better than “anyone”. You do not have to COMPARE yourself to anyone. It is not even in your system that there’s no thought of comparison, there is nothing competition with any other human.

Simple things “You are not above from anyone”. It is an important thing to believe, even inside that you simply will amendment, however it doesn’t happensimply. Thus, here are tips that can help you to build and improve your self-esteem and improving confidence:

1. Doing everything with SMILE

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Try to smile and greet people around your environment. A sincere smile and friendliness can be “contagious”.Smiles may create somebody become confident assure dregarding their surroundings. It sounds simple, but you can change your mental and make positive effect for anyone to like you and feel comfortable that you’re fun, cute, or interesting exactly for your self-esteem.

2. Accepting yourself

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Self-acceptance is the key to encouraging self-confidence. When people give you a compliment, just say “thank you /thanks and sorry” rather than giving a normal or negative response. That is a way when you sincerely accept anything socially. On the other hand, everyone in the world is not perfect. Thus, Try to accept your “weaknesses” or imperfections and learn to love, also see people who are less than you. It is they who make you unique.

3. Arrange and reduce stresses of your condition

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Self-confidence can be increased by avoiding things that make you stressed whatever will be. You can build confidence by doing things that you like. So, try to focus on things that you really like. Leave work that makes you unhappy and pursue a career that is your dream, e.g : reduce under pressure from others, doing a job by your passion, often doing hobby activities, hang out with close friend or families.

Then, everyone has made a mistake. However, if you constantly regret mistakes and cannot move on, you will continue to be haunted by him and always feel inferior. Therefore, learn to forgive yourself or others who have hurt you. That way, you can focus on managing the future with more confidence.

4. Bringing yourself honestly

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There is a difference between arrogant and confident. While confidence means you are sure you can realize what is being done. But self-confidence that surpasses one’s limits and abilities, it can be said to lead to arrogance. So that is a sign that you are not honest with what you have.

To foster self-confidence, you must make an honest and sincere assessment of one’s own abilities. If there are weaknesses, take steps to correct them while finding ways to minimize the negative ones.

Ignoring weakness or covering it will not make it disappear. For example, you speak English even though you don’t master it, so you seem to overdo it and have lots of hyperbole style. It has a clear understanding of self-strength that will make you easily fend off criticism or negative feedback in the social. Therefore, be yourself and appreciate them honestly and as is.

5. Sports exercise routines

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A study conducted at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people who exercise twice a week for 10 weeks will feel more competent socially, academically, and physically.

They also rated their body image and self-esteem higher. Furthermore, besides forming a physical, it will also increase positive feelings in oneself so that self-confidence will be stronger and more radiant.

6. Caring yourself

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Take care of yourself by writing a list of your strengths and weaknesses. First, by continuing to sharpen and show the world that you have a talent, you can get your confidence back. There is no need for recognition from many people, the closest people who realize your abilities can also make you more confident in yourself.

Whereas if you have found your weakness, don’t stop there or just lament it. Instead you have to struggle to hone yourself so that these weaknesses do not necessarily become stumbling blocks in the future.

Suppose you know that your weakness is fear of taking risks. To hone yourself, learn to take risks. Start from the small things first, like if you eat fast food, so change it by eating healthy foods from now, improve your appearance by using clothes that boost your confidence, and love yourself from now.

7. Avoid bad thoughts about yourself and stay to positive thinking

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Get to know your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts usually manifest in the phrase “I can’t”, “I must fail”, “nobody wants to hear what I want to say”. These voices are pessimistic, not helpful, and will prevent you from having high self-esteem and great self-confidence.

Change negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

If you realize that you think negatively, turn to positive thoughts. Maybe here you need positive affirmations, like “I’ll try”, “I can succeed if I want to try”, or “people will definitely listen to me”. Every day, start thinking about a number of positive things.