Top Secret Beauty Tips

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Who doesn’t love to reveal the top secret beauty tips from women around the world? While there are numerous products available on the market, these natural beauty tips are far more cost-effective and free from harmful chemicals. Interestingly, they can provide a solution for everyone. Without further ado, here are the 7 beauty secrets from around the globe.

1. Essential Oil

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First of all, there are several types of essential oil that are used for natural skin and hair care around the world. For example, women in India and other countries around the world use coconut oil for their natural hair and skin care. On the other hand, people in Morocco usually use argan oil for many uses.

In this case, argan oil is commonly used as a face moisturizer, body lotion, a bath oil, and leave-on conditioner for hair. Besides, people in China usually use camellia oil to deal with stretch marks and blemishes on the skin. Then, in many parts of the world, olive oil is also believed o be a natural hair and skin care.

2. Lemon Juice, Milk, and Honey


The second top secret beauty tips that you shouldn’t miss is a combination of milk, honey, and lemon juice. In France, lemon juice is considered helpful for removing nail stains. You can simply soak your fingers around ten minutes to get rid of nail stains. Then, milk and honey are also well-known for bathing and smooth skin.

3. Matcha Green Powder

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When it comes to Japan, many women in this country mix Matcha green powder and hot water to create a tasty green tea. When it is used as a tea, it is believed to provide a number of healing properties including increasing energy and burning fat. Moreover, it can also be utilized as a face mask to fight acne.

4. Tea

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Some kinds of tea are also found to be a beauty secret in many countries around the world. For instance, in Sweden, green tea is popular as a part of the skincare routine. If you want to try this beauty secret, you can simply freeze green tea along with mineral water to make a toner. 

Rooibos tea is another top secret beauty tips that you shouldn’t miss. Also known as red tea, rooibos tea is used as a skincare routine necessity in Africa. This tea is known for its rich level of vitamin C and quercetin. It can help improve collagen production. More interestingly, it’s also a tasty beverage that promotes many health benefits. 

5. Wet Sand


Surprisingly wet sand becomes another beauty secret that you can find out there. In Brazil, the summer beach does more than present a tan. Most women there will use wet sand to scrub their arms and feet to exfoliate their skin. In addition, it is believed to nourish their skin with minerals as well.

6. Manuka Honey


We cannot deny that honey is another staple when it comes to beauty tips. There are a lot of beauty products on the market that take advantage of this material as well. However, Manuka honey, in particular, is used for several skin treatment regimes in Sweden. It is used as a dark spot treatment and a natural face cleaner.

Moreover, Manuka honey is also utilized as a face mask to maintain skin wellness. To include this top secret beauty tips into your skin care routine, you can simply apply it on your skin evenly. After that, leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then, it will start working immediately. 

7. Potato Slices


It may seem a bit unique for most of us. However, in Spain, women take advantage of potato slices to deal with a dark circle around and under the eyes. If you want to try this beauty secret, you can simply put the potato slices on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Then, watch them work!

Those are the seven beauty secrets that are found around the world. All these natural materials used in the tips are safe and promote various benefits for your skin like reducing dark spot, promoting smoother and cleaner skin, and so on. As a result, you don’t need to hesitate to try some of the top secret beauty tips above.