The Travel Tips For Budget Traveler 2020

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It is always a good idea to read some travel tips before you start traveling. Traveling can be intimidating in some ways. Some are intimidated because it is their first time traveling, some others may feel intimidated because the traveling cost can make their saving goes straight to zero. But that thing can actually be overcome with the right approach.

Reading proper travel tips can help you reduce the uneasy feeling before traveling. Proper travel tips can help you set up a detailed plan for your journey called itinerary, a good budget plan, and also other tricky tips in some places or countries that you want to visit. That way, you can be less intimidated rather than if you travel with no knowledge at all.

There are many reasons why people want to travel. One of them is to get a memorable experience. While the older generation tends to use their wealth to buy assets, the younger generation puts more values on experience rather than buying stuff. That is why, in recent days, there is an increasing trend of people traveling around the world.

So, let us talk about some traveling tips. You may ask yourself about how we can travel the world on a budget. Traveling around the world is not exclusively done by people that are rich. You can also do it while still keeping it within our budget. Here is how.

Know What You Want

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Before you make your best round the world itinerary, you must ask yourself, what do you want from traveling? Do you want to try every local food in every place you visit? Do you want to experience every unique moment that happened in the place you visit? Or you simply just want to fill your passport with a number of country’s stamps. Each person has different intentions in traveling so you must find out what is yours.

This is an important step because it will affect a lot in your itinerary and your budget. For example, if you choose to eat many local foods, it may require you to go from one place to another that will use more of your money. If you choose to go to a country at a certain time because of that country event or moment, such as Sakura blossoms in Japan, your ticket may cost more because it will be a peak season where most people come to visit the place.

If you are firm with what you want, you can arrange the itinerary and the budget to fit with your purpose in traveling. Do not get influenced by what other people are saying, your travel is yours and only you understand about it. Choose wisely and keep it within your overall budget.

Use Air Miles from Your Credit Card

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If you do not have a credit card, traveling may be a reason that you should have one. Choose a credit card that offers you a proper air miles bonus. By using a credit card, you can get air miles that can be used for traveling nationally or even abroad for free.

Of course, you have to understand the nature of credit cards. Do not use it recklessly because of the air miles and making you fall into a deep hole of debt instead. Use it to pay all your daily needs and pay it whole at the end of the month. That way, you can get the air miles while also keeping you away from unnecessary debt.

Picking a credit card is tricky. Choose a card that rewards you with air miles that you can use for the future. Some cards even offer hotel discounts that you can use when you travel. That way, your goal to travel the world cheap will be achieved

Find Cheap Flights

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While it is possible to travel the world using land and sea transportation only, planes will take you everywhere faster. It is true that the plane ticket price is very expensive, but with some research, you can find a cheap one. Search for cheap tickets or even a discount that some airlines offer for your travel destination.

The flight is no doubt the best way to travel around the world. The fact that using a plane can save time means that you can visit more places in a short time. To maximize your efficiency in using a plane, try to limit your packing so you can avoid unnecessary baggage costs.

Look for a Free Place to Stay

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Saving the cost of a hotel is harder than you think. If you have relatives or friends that are studying or working abroad, you can simply stay at their place to save your hotel cost. But if you travel to a new place or country, this may be not an option.

Worry not, there are other ways to save your accommodation cost. You can choose a budget hostel or a specialized place for backpacker travelers. This will cost lower than a regular hotel. Or you can even couch-surf in people’s homes. There is a couch-surfing community across the world that you can look online that can help you provide your accommodation in their country.

Learn to Cook

A meal in some country may be very expensive. If you always buy food every time you eat, the cost may be skyrocketing in no time. When planning a world trip itinerary, every little thing such as how much you need for food must be taken into consideration. It will help a lot if you can cook your own meal.

If you stay in relatives’ places or even do a couch-surfing as stated on the travel tips above, cooking something can be a way to show your gratitude to them for letting you stay. It saves your cost of buying meals while also repaying their hospitality to you. This way, your experience of traveling will be more wholesome.

Traveling is a great way to increase your memorable experiences. Planning every trip is essential to make your travel far from misery. Reading travel tips can help you making a proper itinerary to make your traveling easier and stay within your budget.