7 Top Businesses Recommend for New Young Entrepreneur

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Starting a business at a young age is very interesting and worth trying. Imagine, at a young age, you have a business and your own income. No wonder there have been many teenagers who started their first business since they were young. Are you interested in starting a business at your teenage age?

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If you are interested in going into a business, make sure you choose the most appropriate type of business. This will make you more comfortable and feel more ready to jump into the business world itself. In an increasingly advanced era with increasingly sophisticated technological developments, it provides many opportunities for everyone to do inspirational, creative and innovative things. One of them became a businessman even at a young age.

Not only that, in this millennial era almost everyone had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur with a turnover of millions and even billions. You are included right? To start working in the business world, you don’t have to wait until you are old in collecting large capital.

Indeed, business does not only require a capital of money. It is the experience that will make capital the most beneficial for you in doing a business. You can choose the type of business that you know and understand well. If from the beginning, you will be able to manage it more easily and get maximum results. Thus, the earlier you know the business world, the more experience you will get.

SO, Let’s Start Your Success From A Young Age!

In this article there are recommendations for 7 businesses that bring success for young people in this era, including:

1. Become a Youtuber

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Google has a platform called YouTube. YouTube is a free site sharing videos owned by Google. When you become a youtuber, you will automatically partner with Google as the YouTube owner.

The videos that you upload on YouTube will display advertisements from Google AdSense and you will get money if someone is watching and clicking subscribe. It is from Google that will appear at the beginning of the video automatically.

2. Online Shop Business

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For those of you who want to spread their wings by relying on marketing strategies, the shop is certainly very suitable for you. Many consumers of various products choose shopping online because of the convenience offered. Besides saving time, consumers are given the opportunity to see all types of products provided. Products that you can sell are also various, ranging from clothing, jewelry accessories, shoes, mobile phone equipment and many other unique items.

In order to be successful in running this business, you only need to make sure that the product you are selling is according to what you are posting, starting with the color, size, and material used. For that the details of the products you offer certainly make customers more trust with the products you sell. Of course, more and more types of products that can be sold make doing business in this field have a substantial advantage.

3. Become a Blogger

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Being a blogger can also be used as a business choice when you are a teenager. In this moment, there are many teenagers who are successful and can bring a lot of money with this way. It is not wrong if this type of business is very feasible for people to try.

Choose certain interesting topics that you will make the contents of the blog. So, that people will be interested and diligently visit your blog. Through the blog that you have, you can also get income through Ads that are installed there as same as with AdSense on YouTube, of course if the number of visitors to your blog is quite a lot.

4. Freelancer

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The choice of business as a freelancer would be very appropriate for those of you who have special skills in a tertiary field. There are many types of skills that you can make as business capital and can generate income by becoming a freelancer.

You can be a programmer, social media admin, online shop admin, and others. All of this you can do remotely or not to be in a certain location regularly. You only need expertise and internet service.

5. Become a reseller

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As a beginner, you really don’t have much experience in doing business. For this reason, trying to become a reseller, Even though the products sold are other people’s products, you can get marketing and other knowledge. For example, just being a cosmetic reseller of a brand, now you can know what types of cosmetic products are more popular and desired by consumers.

If you are marketing lipstick cosmetics, it turns out that the type of lipstick you sell is already on the market. From their words, you know that at this time there is a trend for a rather nude matte lipstick. Thus, becoming a reseller makes you closer to them, and you become more aware of what consumers really want.

6. Supplier in the marketplace

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Supplier marketplace is a business that is an intermediary between sellers and buyers in cyberspace. Marketplace sites act as third parties in online transactions by providing a place to sell and payment facilities. Some of the most popular marketplace sites in Indonesia are Bukalapak, Shopee, Tokopedia, OLX, Zalora, Blibli, and Lazada.

Suppliers are almost the same as distributors, but the difference between goods sold is usually for business activities. For example, steel suppliers for supply to factory makers of household appliances and others. This provider is continuous and sometime the goods are in the form of raw goods.

7. Dropshipper

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Dropshipper business is an online business that is very easy and practical. Besides that, it also has a very small risk of loss, because with the dropship model we only need to focus on our online store, and of course looking for customers. Whereas, the problem of packing, shipping and others will be fully handled by the supplier / dropshipper.

The dropship system is a sales system that benefits both the supplier and the dropshiper. For suppliers offering a dropship system, they can expand their market share. So, they can attract many partners in marketing their products, of course, this can significantly increase sales. Whereas dropshipper is a business that can be started without having to have a lot of initial capital and without having to bother packing the goods, which needs to be done only offering products both online and offline.

Therefore, we do not need to provide large capital to buy and hoard the items we will sell, nor do we need a large warehouse and many employees (for packing and shipping) but we only need to focus on the customer.